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10 best ds games

PinExt 10 best ds games

Because I’m a huge fan of Nintendo DS, I think it would be nice to share my 10 best DS Games. This is a real review as a player of Nintendo DS. Please be noted that this list of Best 10 Nintendo DS Games 2009 is made based my real experience and personal opinion. You are very welcome to comment and give the thought in the comment box below.

1. Cooking Mama

cooking mama small 10 best ds games

It’s my favorite game! You will be Mama, the best chef in the world! You can read Cooking Mama review at my DS for Girls game post
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2. Gardening Mama

gardening mama game 10 best ds games

Another Series of Cooking Mama, but you will gardening instead of cooking. For Children, it’s sure a HARD game. But it’s fun afterall, because I never find such games before!
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3. Zelda, The Phantom HourGlass

61JePlRHTzL. SL160  10 best ds games

The best interactive RPG So far. It’s the combination of Classic Game along with the Innovative Gamplay. A Must Try Game! Read more about Zelda.
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4. WarioWare Touched

51UUaFWj44L. SL160  10 best ds games

It’s a funny and innovative game. The genre is micro game which a stage is only 5-10 seconds long. Great to be played with your friends!
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5. Final Fantasy Tactis DS

final fanatsy DS 10 best ds games

If you love strategy RPG, then you HAVE to had it! If you played the game in PlayStation. It has long playgame, so you don’t waste money for short and easy to beat rpg.
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6. Picross

picross ds 10 best ds games

The best Puzzle in Nintendo DS. If you love Sudoku, go get it. It’s more fun than Sudoku, because it’s a combination of Logic and art!
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7. Phoenix Wright Series

61D1Q6W2G9L. SL160  10 best ds games

I recommend ALL 3 Phoenix Wright series: ace Attorney, Justice for All and Trials and Tabulation. You will play as a lawyer which not only defend the client, but also research for supporting evidence to devend her/him. A perfect combination between Drama, Logic, and Fun.
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8. Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

51BKaxykugL. SL160  10 best ds games

It’s the sequel of Phoenix Wright series. It has better graphic, advance story, and more interactive evidence hunting + defending on the court. Recommended if you addicted with Phoenix Wright game icon smile 10 best ds games
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9. Trauma Center: Under the Knife

51SqV1IUoxL. SL160  10 best ds games

It’s a action game where you play as doctor. You will face thrilling and usual surgery during the game. Even ALMOST all surgery doesn’t realistic (you have to kill strange virus), it’s fun and addictive after all.
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10. Lifesigns: Surgical Unit

51q3fS9wkkL. SL160  10 best ds games

Another Doctor and Surgery game. But this game has more realistic surgery because teh case can be found in real world. However, for people who doesn’t like Drama style game (Or Called Text Adventure game) will found it will be boring. But I like it, I finished it and even replay it icon smile 10 best ds games
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    nice.. good for the kids.. hihi.. by the way, very informative writing. I myself is into blogging and im trying to optimize for the keyword Cebu Local Hair Care. Thanks

  • chuggin mccoffee

    my niece loves the Cooking Mama game so I can definitely give that my seal of approval!

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  • Xbox Singapore

    I really like the Find website, its clearly been well thought through and carefully put together.

  • Gabchap

    Where is Professor Layton…This list feels a bit biased on certain genres and titles…It’s nice that you reviewed and liked the games, I was hoping for more then just Phoenix Wright and Cooking Mama…

  • Luke

    hey!!! not fair!!!!! put pokemon or digimon!!!!!!

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