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2010 Japan Fukubukuro from Strapya

PinExt 2010 Japan Fukubukuro from Strapya

fukubukuro bag 225x300 2010 Japan Fukubukuro from Strapya

This Year, I ordered 2010 Fukubukuro Bag (Means “Lucky Bag” in Japan) from my favorite Online Store, Strapya World and just received the package 2 days ago. I’m thrilled with EMS Super Fast Shipping, how come the package come in just two days? Based on my tracking code, the package  depart from Japan in 6 Dec, and it comes to my home at 8 Dec. Maybe it’s just my luck (usually it ships in 5-7 days), but it really makes me happy icon smile 2010 Japan Fukubukuro from Strapya The picture above is The Bag of Fukubukuro and special gift from EMS, the correction tape and Japanese Calendar. Not spectacular, but Worth for collectibles icon smile 2010 Japan Fukubukuro from Strapya

fukubukuro lucky bag 2010 2010 Japan Fukubukuro from Strapya

Get Your Fukubukuro Bag from Strapya

Ok, Now let’s take a peek inside the Fukubukuro Bag. They contain 15 cute Straps, 1 bonus necklace, and 2 EMS goodies as stated above. In My opinion, 2010 Fukubukuro Bag is Faaaar batter than 2009 Fukubukuro Bag! Maybe I’m lucky, but in their site, Strapya listed what will we get inside this year Fukubukuro Bag and it’s really possible those items will available in almost Fukubukuro Bag. And here’s why I Love Fukubukuro Bag:

  • You will Get Baketan, The Famous Ghost Detector Gadget! It’s a really amazing gadget since 2007 because you can really detect ghost with it! It originally priced $20, and for $30, you will get it with another cool stuff!! I really want this gadget for a long time (but I don’t think I will spend $20 for it) and now I got it!
  • Notice the beer Can gadget above? That’s one of the most popular unique gadget from Japan, the  Electronic Beer can “Pull” gadget. So we can open the soda can for unlimited times and hear unique beer can opening when we open it. I also have the Unlimited Bubble wrap and Unlimited Edamame, and it’s a nice addition for my collection
  • The Peri-Peri Banana, the function is same as the Beer can Gadget, but we peel banana for unlimited time
  • Got 3 Kewpies Phone strap! And ALL Those kewpies strap doesn’t existed in my country. My favorite is 21 emon kewpie Strap, one of Manga from Fujiko F Fujio Sensei (Doraemon)
  • R2D2 Star Wars strap is cute, and it can lighten up.
  • The Chocolate “Pedometer” is really nice. My sister collect the Chocolate bar stuff and it makes her very happy.
  • There are some Japanese Popular Mascot I got: 2 Marimokkori Strap and Memeshiba. They are quite popular in Japan!
  • Got the Cat Paws Gadget. It will sounds “Meoooow” when you push the soft button on it. Very Cute!
  • The Pandas Strap are Cute!
  • Got the silver necklace. Honestly, I don’t really like it and I wish I got the Diamond one (Yes, If you’re lucky, you will get REAL DIAMOND!)

That’s all. Beside all those cute Items, I still have no idea with the Japanese actor/comedian Gadget on the upper right. When I push it, it give sounds from the actor’s recording. But I have no idea who he is, and I can’t understand what he said too.

For the price, it cost 2640 yen or about $29.40 (But at the time I bought it, it was $30). It’s one of the best buy so far. Strapya Said the gift contain more than $130 and I think it’s true. That’s why I love shopping at Japanese website, they are honest, professional, nice, and deliver the best result! I really recommend shopping at strapya and using Japanese EMS, trust me they are really good!

Get Your Fukubukuro Bag from Strapya Just Copy “Fukubukuro” Term in the Search Box.

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  • Chris

    Got almost the same items as yours but got a crystal diamond. Not sure if it’s real anot. How to check if it’s real not?

  • Kawaii

    My loot is pretty much the same, except I didn’t get as many Kewpies and mascots.

    Instead, I got a clip-on rubber sandal cell phone case, a flashing ice-cube, and a Capheads charm (which I’m terribly pleased with).

    The other stuff is exactly like yours, though some are in different colors… My banana is a blackish color!

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  • Sushie

    Love the stuffs from Strapya, Japanese people make very original and cute things there! There are too many things i want buy there, hopefully, their gadgets and straps are cheap! <3

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