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3 Weirdest USB Gadgets Ever!

PinExt 3 Weirdest USB Gadgets Ever!

There are so many weird things in this world. Even in this modern world, there are many weird technologies that you can see. Here, I will bring you 3 weirdest USB gadget ever. These gadgets are among my favorite gadgets all the time. Let’s check them together.

1. Japanese USB Necktie

USB Necktie cutiegadget 3 Weirdest USB Gadgets Ever!

This Japanese USB necktie is among my favorite Weird USB Gadget in my blog. This gadget is actually an ordinary tie combined with a small cooling fan. The cooling fan works like other cooling fans and it blows air to your neck to make it cool. This Weird Japanese USB is powered by a USB cable that can be plugged to your computer or laptop. The Japanese USB necktie is available in various colors and patterns.

2. USB Pet Rock

usb pet rock 3 Weirdest USB Gadgets Ever!

The second Weird USB Gadget that I like is the USB Pet Rock. This gadget is really unique and weird because it is just a plain rock. It is just like a rock that you can pick up from your garden but with a USB cable attached in it. This gadget does nothing and doesn’t consume energy from your computer. With 18” long USB cable, you can put it anywhere on your desktop and people will start talking about your weird rock. This Weird Japanese USB is only $9.99.

3. USB Fishquarium

usb fishquarium 3 Weirdest USB Gadgets Ever!

The third Weird USB Gadget that I like is USB Fishquarium. It is an aquarium with real fish in it and also water filter and lamp too. This unique gadget is powered by an USB cable that can be plugged into your computer. The USB Fishquarium has LED display that can give you info about time, date, and day. It can be also used to store your office accessories such as pencil, pens, scissors and many others. This Weird Japanese USB is only $39.99.


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