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8 Best Design of USB Memory

PinExt 8 Best Design of USB Memory

First, because this site is review the cutest and funniest item in the world, this list is also provide cute and funny designed USB Storage! Let’s see the list here..

1. Sushi USB

usb sushi drive 8 Best Design of USB Memory

When I look the pic, I start to feel.. Hungry!!! Its design can manipulate me,even though I know it’s just an USB drive… I found it here

2. Heart Pendant USB

usb heart 8 Best Design of USB Memory

It’s a great Gift for the loved one… Especially when the valentine Come. It’s a prize for a girl, I wonder if a Guy want to bring this item wandering…

3. Wooden USB

usb wood 8 Best Design of USB Memory

It’s look like a branch of a tree. This item can ‘neutralize’ technology environment area with more nature friendly. There are so many types of wood you can choose. I think it’s little weird, but it’s cool. The product page here

4. Nightmare before Christmas USB

jack flashdisk 8 Best Design of USB Memory

This is also Cute. I love Jack’s face printed on the sleek Black Usb.

5. Fancy Compact Disk USB

usb drive1 8 Best Design of USB Memory

It’san old USB drive. It only have 16 Mb and support USB 1.1. But who know the design is really cute!Thisset contains 4 USBmemory. To use it, just take the diskand, ‘break’ thedisk, and…..

usb drive2 8 Best Design of USB Memory

6. Mickey Mouse USB

usb mickey 8 Best Design of USB Memory

I saw many Mickey USB drive but never seen this before. I found it at, so I wonder why I never see this before. The mickey mascot attached as the accessory is rally cute..

7. Cute Whale Mascot USB Drive

usb whale 8 Best Design of USB Memory

It has additional function : as a mp3 player. Has 512 mb, it’s big enough for store many music… It’s a really adorable gadget, Sweet! I love cute mascot!

8. Lego USB Memory

409654277 ed60f4f4bf m 8 Best Design of USB Memory

This device remind me with my childhoon, when I love play puzzle and build houses so much, and lego is my favourite puzzle. The design is not really special, but I love the idea..

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  • ditanadia

    I add the link where you can buy it. But only some of them.
    for USB Storage no 4,5,6,7 I found it on

  • Nathan

    Oh my goodness, I know some people that will freak after seeing these! Who ever thought of making sushi into memory cards?
    Thanks for the link, I may just have to purchase some.

  • meia

    i really like these unique designs. i also did a similar article on my blog. :)

  • design blog

    Awww, what an awesome and cute list of USB flash drives and encasing. I think I’m going to find the Pumpkin Jack one and give it to my friend for his birthday. Thanks for the list.

  • Albert

    ada flashdisk nightmare model laen gak ?

  • digidigit

    you forgot about the cutest flash drives of them all – mimobot designer flash drives. they come in a ton of different characters – check them out!

  • usb lover

    Some sushi USB can be found in they carry lots of cute food/sushi usb drive and hub. some gadgets too!

  • Usb Gadgets

    Very interesting that Sushi USB :)

  • Ron Bern – The Lego Guy

    I am always amazed at the different “looks” Lego can take.

    I was unaware of this latest Lego gadget.

    The Sushi representations are also charming.

    But for espionage purposes, the heart takes the cake.

    Thanks for the information.

    Seeing the genius of people as reflected in a site like this gives me hope for the future.

  • Michael Hua

    these products are fantastic, if USB HUB go with LED light, that will be good

    you can find the LED USB HUB light on

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  • logo design company

    I like your collection of USB memory design. Through this design, you will forgot that it is USB not a food or a heart or a personal things we used

  • Tech Reviews

    I love the Mickey Mouse USB. Wonderful list of cool gadgets.

  • Tech News

    Very cool gadget. love the wooden memory sticks :)

  • Free CNA Classes

    well, i love sushi and i love usbs so number 1 is for sure my favorite. looks pretty awesome!

  • Physical Therapy Schools

    OK, not the sushe USB is a little much…….just a little…

  • J Weaver

    Ah these are great, think I might have to get a lego or sushi one :) Sushi ones in top right look the best.

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  • outsource web design

    While we’re in 8 Best Design of USB Memory | Cutie Gadget mode, price is variable based on the actual number of hours spent working on your site. For example, a web design company may charge you $75 per hour. If it takes 100 hours to create your web site, your price would end up being $7,500.

  • Maria M


  • Ashgriel

    Och i love heart usb <3

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