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8 Top Weirdest Candy Ever!

PinExt 8 Top Weirdest Candy Ever!

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I found unique mail chaining in my inbox, and it’s really interesting.. It’s a list of 10 weirdest and rather gross.. Yuck!

1. Maggots Candy

permen2 8 Top Weirdest Candy Ever!

It’s a real candy, not a real maggots. Even the taste is sweet, I just eat the..

2. Gross Nose

permen3 8 Top Weirdest Candy Ever!

Really, nothing wrong with the nose! But something wrong with the fungus.. I don’t know the taste, but if it’s just as salty and the real fungus,, Just see if there’s some one want to eat it..

3. Toilet Candy

permen4 8 Top Weirdest Candy Ever!

For me, it’s ok to eat it. I ever eat it (dunno same brand or not, it’s just a long tome ago) from ‘sweets from heaven’ candy store. And taste yummy!

4. Fear Factor candy

permen5 8 Top Weirdest Candy Ever!

If you want to join the contest, I guess you can exercise with these candy. The Real Goat’s eyeball, duck’s feet, or animal’s lungs (raw, not cooked) taste are horrible. But maybe these candy taste better..

5. Baby’s poo

permen6 8 Top Weirdest Candy Ever!

Maybe seeing baby’s poo better than the adult’s poo. But eat the poo-look-a-like-candy?? Hmm.. No thanks icon smile 8 Top Weirdest Candy Ever! I still love the ordinary candy or I’ll get real Chocolate if I want the chocolate color candy (or the smarties is rather great..)

6.Random TasteCandy

permen7 8 Top Weirdest Candy Ever!

This candy’s concept is just like Harry Potter’s candy (in the novel). There are candy that have the random taste, so you have to boost your luck to get great flavour. The pic show these candies only have gross flavour,, but personally I want to try one of them

7. Ear Wax Candy

permen9 8 Top Weirdest Candy Ever!

This candy,, don’t look too weird or gross, I think I can eat it if that taste good

8. Insect Candy

This Candy is really special.. it has the REAL insects (even a scorpio!!) trap in the centre of the candy.

NB: The Insects are dead! You don’t have to worry if they will alive, crawl, or bites you when you eat the, But for me, it’s too gross to eat..

The last.. DOn’t ask me where to buy the candy! Really I don’t know! I know that the toilet candy and sold in Candyland or Sweets from Heaven store a long time ago… Else, I don’t know…

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  • Me
  • babyblue

    I love the ear wax replica candy..Before you eat it, it will surely give you laugh because it really looks like an ear wax..Haha!

  • Baconettes

    that is discusting!

  • Whitefangoria

    I’ve had the jelly beans. the flavors DO taste just like the name. Some are tolerable, other get spit out the second you put them in your mouth and chomp!

  • Ro

    I agree. There was one that was old milk or moldy cheese or something in the box that I bought. It was gag-inducing. I actually liked the one that was supposed to taste like baby wipes…

    Clearly they’ve removed or rotated some of the flavors of the nasty ones, because about five of those I don’t remember being in the box that I bought (which was anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 years ago).

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