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A Lighter to Save the Data

PinExt A Lighter to Save the Data

usb 8GB flash drive lighter A Lighter to Save the Data

We have always been advised to not put fire near any electronic gadgets. Both have been in hostility since the ancient time. But in this modern digital world, there is a way to reunite them. They can be packed together in a USB 8GB flash drive lighter. This is a very unique device and also practical.

This is not a flash drive in a lighter shape but this is a flash drive that can really light a fire. This is double-functioned gadget. Just slides up the bottom of the lighter and you will get your USB flash drive with 8GB capacity.  You can slides out the USB connector using the small slider lever located on the side of the lighter. This gadget is wrapped up in metal case. It looks more luxurious because it has a polished chrome finish. This USB 8GB flash drive lighter has the adjustable flame. The lighter is also refillable.

The dimension of this USB 8GB flash drive lighter is 1.5” x 2.4” x 0.5 “. It also equipped with the USB cable. Now you can bring your lighter and your USB flash drive in one single device. There is no more worry to put the fire near the electronics.

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  • Alex Jenkins

    Carrying this would make me feel like a 007 spy. But I guess with all the confiscations they do as you travel through the airport the TSA might take this away from you if you carry it with you, thinking that it is just a lighter. Just think of all the lost data. However, if you are trying to get some information out of your work area then this might work fantastically.

  • ldii

    Smart idea, though no relation between USB and fire except for smokers.

  • avtoserviz man

    After years and we will see a lighter car charger and built-in GSM

  • Kylewinther

    That lighter is pretty amazing! And the fact that it is a USB adapter is pretty nuts too!!!!

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