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Anti Sleep Driving Alarm

PinExt Anti Sleep Driving Alarm

anti sleep driving alarm Anti Sleep Driving Alarm

We all know the dangerous of driving when we are so sleepy. Sometimes when we got a lot of things to do in the office, it forces us to work overnight. When itís time to go home, we are already tired and sleepy. You want to go to house as soon as you can but you donít want to endanger your life of the situation.

The only choice you have is to take a rest for a while and go home when you are ready. However, in this situation, you need to be at your house so that you can take a rest for the rest of the night and gain energy for the next day. In such a situation, you will need anti sleep driving alarm. Anti Sleep Driving Alarm is a device that will keep you awake while driving. This device is actually intended for truck drivers who run the risk of falling asleep behind the wheel.

This device is used behind your ear. This alarm will sound anytime the wearerís head move forward more than 30 degrees. The alarm will wake you up anytime you are asleep while driving. This al arm is a cool device that will be useful for professional driver, employees, gamers, pilots, etc to ensure their driving safety.

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  • Nancy

    This alarm is quite useful for people who has to drive a lot.It helps you drive safely.

  • Fenix

    Great invention! Wish that drivers didnt need something like this in the first place, but falling asleep is definitely a very real problem!

  • powercons

    a technology which is very sophisticated, with the hope that this tool will reduce the risk of accidents while driving

  • Pinnacle Security

    Seriously though, they knew. I was a Monitoring Operator for years and you can tell.
    1. The system would have stopped sending daily test signals. There was their first clue.
    2. They would have received some sort of panel tamper when you removed the system.
    3. They definitely would have received a communication trouble.

  • Truck Grill Guards

    I need this one, I usually sleep while driving.

  • TatRemoval John

    I think that this is a great idea. My only concern is what happens if the person’s head that is falling asleep doesn’t fall forward. I know that when my dad falls asleep, his head always falls back. lol

  • Sell my number plate

    Not bad if you’re on the road early in the morning and still sleepy, will hopefully prevent some accidents!

  • karen Hill

    I nearly fell asleep behind the wheel the other day but i had my anti sleep alarm on and it sounded so i pulled over and had a break. They are not that expensive and i got mine from NO NAP

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    Ronnie Gibbs

  • Mack Trucks

    This is one of the great device invent. Feeling sleepy while driving cause serious accidence.

    According to me as seat belt, helmet, etc are made compulsory. this device should be make compulsory at least while night driving.

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