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Apollo Justice: Great NDS Game!

PinExt Apollo Justice: Great NDS Game!

apollo justice Apollo Justice: Great NDS Game!

Have you played Phoenix Wright games? Phoenix Wright trilogy is not enough and I want MORE! Now here we come Apollo Justice. I don’t think the ‘Apollo Justice’ name is nice, this strange name because it’s sound like a real apollo (I mean shuttle plane or whatever). However, I can say this game is really great! I found this Apollo Justice Game is much better than Phoenix Wright Game!!

Well let’s do some Apollo Justice Review icon smile Apollo Justice: Great NDS Game! I have already finished playing this games about few weeks ago and feels satisfy. I was afraid it was a really bad game because I really love the Phoenix Wright Trilogy. If you haven’t played this game before, the Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice game is the combination about Lawyer and Detective Game. You seek the truth my investigating the crime scene and defend your client.

In this game, you play as the rookie lawyer – Apollo. Our last hero: Phoenix Wright is out of law because he did a fatal ‘mistake’ that make his attorney badge lost forever. Now, as Apollo justice, you become a lawyer and solve all mysteries in this game. Unlike Phoenix Wright that have Magatama to read people heart, Apollo has another powerful stuff to corner the witness: Magic Bracelet. With this, you will corner the witness and found some body language as a clue if they lying. However, this game is not independent from Phoenix Wright, he’s in this game and was 7 years older and you will encounter with some returning characters.

Well, overall, you will get many cool feature here. You can investigate more scientific way like doing some fingerprint or toe-print matching, the better graphic in the court room. I found this game is easier than the previous two games, because now we only need to show evidence, not the people profile when we investigate or in court room. The story also become more complex, and you will uncover the the unique truth at the end of the game. I will give this game rate: 9/10. Cool, you have to try it!

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PS: I heard the rumor that the Next Sequel of this Series (in Japanese, called Gyakuten Saiban 5, I don’t know what name in US) will be the last game of Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice or Gyakuten Saiban Series. So, be Prepared icon smile Apollo Justice: Great NDS Game!

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  • Ali

    Damn, I need to get a NDS. I’ve been cheap and haven’t upgraded any of my gaming systems. Just been sticking with PC gaming for the past two years.

  • Bjorn Hardarson

    Nice game..but do not addicted to Internet games

  • Jimmy Davison

    the next gen game are gonna be so real, Its gonn turn gaming on it head if this doesnt already. good stuff !

  • Adam_Y

    I never expected to like these games, and whilst I find some bits a little frustrating (It’s easy to get ahead of yourself) they’re pretty good fun.

  • Gixar’s Gadgets

    I can’t get into this series. Probably too much reading. For me, it’s Elite Beat Agents and its Japanese sequel: Music! Dancing! Nail gunning my poor DS screen! Seriously, I busted a pixel finishing that game.

    Phoenix Wright.. sounds like Matlock, but for 14-year old girls who like anime. Am I missing something?

  • Ichigo

    Apollo IS NOT better than Phoenix Wright. Most of the cases were pretty boring except for the occasional detective work you get to do with Emma Skye. The only case that was actually good in this game was the last one. GOOD LUCK ON BEATING IT PEEOPLES

  • nds

    This Phoenix Wright Series is one of my most favorite. I’m waiting for the latest one to be release in English soon. I can’t believe there could be a game about lawyer and courtrooms, it’s incredible :)

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  • Debra Morgan

    Nice game! I really enjoyed! Phoenix Wright Series is one of my most favorite!

  • fingirl12

    :D Thanks for the heads up on the 5th GS! I LOVE the Ace Attorney Series yes! When I first got it, I didn’t expect to fall in love with it :) Although I have to disagree that the Apollo Justice game is better than Phoenix Wright games. But I will make an exception if they tie everything together at the, sadly :( , last game!I suppose I was disappointed at how Phoenix lost his badge, and that I didn’t get to see the Feys. Still, LOVE the games! :D Thank you!

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