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Automatic Doughnut Maker

PinExt Automatic Doughnut Maker

automatic doughnut maker 300x220 Automatic Doughnut Maker

Donut is definitely a delicious snack, isn�t it? It will be extremely perfect if we pass the warm afternoon by having donut as our snack along with the tea or coffee. The uniqueness that belongs to donut is that it is flexible to put any kinds of toppings on the donuts. You can choose to use the whipped cream, cheese, chocolate glazier, or else. All you can put on them. Besides the toppings, the size of the donuts can be reduced into the mini size and you can enjoy them in one bite at a time.

There has been an item called Dough-Nu-Matic. This is an automatic doughnut maker which will enable you to produce donuts in mini size. This instant doughnut maker will serve you the delicious donuts in 60 seconds only.

You can choose to get yourself the donuts by buying it directly from the donut shop. But who will want to sacrifice their time walking around to look for a donut shop while at the home there lays this nice doughnut maker? This tool can also handle your clean by providing the lid specialized to avoid your hand from being oiled. So, this donut maker is definitely one thing that will fit your need of having the delicious donut.


The Dough-Nu-Matic from Perpetualkid is sold right now. However, You can also check the alernative, the Small Planet Mini Doughnut maker from Amazon for $22.51

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  • Felipe Mattos

    Uhulll. Very Good, congragulations!

  • Conference-TV

    Wow, nice gadget. Those doughnut are very cute. I like that gadget it’s really nice, it can serve you just for 1 hour amazing.

  • Springfield IL Mortgage

    Wow! that is really cute and nice gadget to have. Is it expensive?

  • Guia Zelda

    Nice gadget!

    One of those would come in useful in my part of the world where I dont have any dunkin donuts. Boy do I miss them donuts :-)

  • Atlanta Dentist

    Now that’s a gadget! Too bad there only mini’s, that would be awesome if they where full size.

  • cohnsey

    That is a good idea but I personally wouldnt buy it because i am not too into donuts. I do love bagels and would buy it if it made bagels.


    WOW! That is the biggest diet disaster I’ve ever seen. It would be sinfully delicious, but a nightmare on calories! Of course, I am in the process of losing weight. Perhaps if I were a bit more petite, I could own something like this. :)

  • Speaking Opportunities

    good machine…

  • greekfriend

    great gadget and very useful. I’m sure kids will love it too.

  • Allan F A Tam

    It is a real good innovation and I am thinking of buying one to start selling to my neighbourhood who loves sweet things like doughnut. How can I get one of these?

  • Coffee maker

    Cooooool, Really Cool!!! I bought one of that and its really wonderful. I love it, I love it, I love it.

    Many thanks,


  • Doughnut Machine

    Very nice!

    I bought my first doughnut maker 1 and a half months ago, and I just love it! It makes the whole process so much easier, and there is nothing like a fresh, warm doughnut after a long day at work.

    I’m also thinking about picking up a mini doughnut maker, so that I can make a bunch of them at once, that’d hopefully last for the next day or two as well. Do you happen to know whether they taste the same? Is there a difference in the dough?


  • ribika john

    Along this i love to buy one coffee machine too.

  • Sadafmirza23

    how much does this machine cost?

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