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Banana Slicer, The Silly Kitchen Gadget

PinExt Banana Slicer, The Silly Kitchen Gadget

banana slicer Banana Slicer, The Silly Kitchen Gadget

When I was window shopping at Amazon, I found this Banana Slicer. The price is cheap, just $2.99 and the original price is $9.99. No wonder the price dropped so much, I’d rather buy a meal then pay $9.99 just to cut Banana into slices.

With this little tool, you can save time to slice bananas. You can slice banana in instant time, just push it into this stuff and voila!! The banana will be sliced up. Because this gadget made from plastic, it is safe for children. They can have fun while you also make them eat more banana (errr… don’t just banana, encourage them to eat more fruit)

buy now Banana Slicer, The Silly Kitchen Gadget

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  • Matt Ellsworth

    You think you have seen everything – then you see something like this… we just use a knife…

  • Tony

    At the end of the day, by the time you get the confounded contraption out and get it ready for servicing your banana, you could have cut three using a conventional knife!

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    Have you seen the Banana Guard, its the original banana protector available at You can now also protect larger round fruit like apples and peaches using the Froot Guard or smaller fruits like Kiwi using the Froot Case.

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