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Before Join Life Insurance

PinExt Before Join Life Insurance

Are you interested join the the Life Insurance? When you go to the insurance website, you usually confused with the the strange words and that used by insurance company. You usually faced with 2 option, the term insurance and whole life insurance.

Term Insurance
Term insurance is the pure life insurance. It only cover the life insurance and has no other value except the protection for the client’s family. However, it only cover the certain period, not the whole life. Example: If you buy the insurance for just 20 years when you are 30 years old. Your family will only get the money if you left them until 50 years old, but if you left the world in 60 years old, they don’t get any money.

Whole Life Insurance

This insurance really contrast with the Term Insurance. Whole life insurance will protect the family in the Whole life of the client. However, the insurance fee is also far more expensive than the Term insurance because the insured has to pay the fee every month/every year forever in his/her life.


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  • JGVFinance

    You are darn right on this. These are the two basic types of life insurance and most people would have the understainding that these are the only two options that they can avail of.

    The best thing you can do is to a website and learn more about life insurance and the pros and cons.


  • Life Insurance

    BTW, if you are a young family and just starting out, it would be advisable to get a term life insurance. Term life insurance will temporarily cover you for the period where you are still growing your family. It would be a good financial protection for their education and preservation of their lifestyle should soemthing happens to you.

    Life Insurance

  • custom auto insurance

    Congrats . Good attentions . Helpful for internet users who is thinking to join life insurance .

  • life insurance basics

    Good post– people generally are so clueless about the basic distinction between term and whole life insurance, and you summed it up succinctly.
    Young people especially should become educated about insurance, because during the course of their lives they’ll spend SO much money on insurance policies, in all likelihood.

  • Nitin

    Definitely, Above given information about life insurance policy is accurate, but insurance companies offer many assured return plans to get money back. These plans not only cover risk of any mis-happening but return your deposited money with interest. these are called ulip plan.

  • dave

    I am a life insurance agent and I always find that customers have a hard time understanding whole life and universal life insurance. Term life insurance on the other hand is much easier and straightforward. Term life is also alot less expensive than whole life insurance. Both have pros and cons but ultimately it comes down to the individuals needs.


  • Daniel

    It’s unfortunate that most people go for Term Insurance simply because it’s cheaper. If a problem DOES arise then usually they are not covered for as much. Hopefully more people can be educated about the importance of getting full life insurance, and find many in their budget to protect their family against the unexpected.

  • Site

    paying an insurance premium on your car might seem to be a drain of your
    resources, it is mandatory and absolutely necessary for your own good. In order
    to get America’s Cheapest Auto Insurance, it is necessary to browse the quote
    engines that will provide different quotes at the same time for you to compare
    and choose.

  • Sylvan

    Amazing information. I didn’t knew  the difference between the term insurance and whole life insurance. I guess whole life insurance is much better even if it is expensive at least your families future is secure.
    Thanks bro for sharing.

  • Tofeti

    Many people fail to do this when it comes to insurance and they pay the price. They take the first company that comes along

  • Jenn

    Generally, term life insurance is the best option for most families because it is the most affordable, the easiest to understand and there are so many options to choose from to suit your individual needs. This is an important decision and people should talk to at least three different agents before making a final decision as to which choice is best for their specific situation. Thanks for the post! 

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