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Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls

PinExt Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls

Plan to buy your daughter/niece/ sister a Nintendo DS Lite? Here’s my top list nintendo DS games for girls! I have promised before in this post to write the best nintendo DS game. (All tested! I have played them all, so this is the recommendation and also the review before you buy it!)

**Updated!! Since the list is made two years ago, I made another recommendation based on the new DS games in market. All games are tested since I’m a DS games player too.

Cooking Mama 3

cooking mama 3 150x150 Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls

Like usual, I highly recommend Cooking Mama Game. It’s a really fun and entertaining cooking games for girl and can be played for everyone, regardless their age. In Cooking Mama 3, you will able to go shopping, Dress up Mama and DS screen with fancy item you get, Playing multiplayer with your friends, and of course: Cook with new recipe and New technique! It will be a really nice gift for girl who love playing games!

Updated: Own an ipad/itouh/iphone instead of DS? Then you should download Cooking Mama for iPhone/ipad. This is absolutely the best cooking games for ipad ever made! (btw, click the link for the review) Instead of using stylus, now you can use your own finger for more realistic feels. The other side, the app is cheaper too, it’s just $6.99 compared to $15-19 of the DS version.

buy now Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls


scribblenauts DS kids 150x150 Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls

It’s not a specific games for girls, but this is the BEST games I have ever found in my life! It can be played for girls, boys or adult. In order to get the mission done, they have to be creative and they have to have as many vocabs as possible. The mission is you have to collect a star called “starite”, and in order to get it, you have to scribble ANY object and it will pop up. To accomplish mission, you need to use all creativity, you will have to think hard using your right brain. I think it’s a better and more fun brain training game other than Brain Age, a great Educational game for Girls.

buy now Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls

Professor Layton Series (Curious Village and Diabolical Box)

curious village Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls professor layton Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls

If Scribblenaut is a game to train your right brain, the Profesor Layton is a game for your left brain (and a little right brain also). Again, this is not a specific games for girls, but it’s ideal for a girls’ brain development. This game is the combination of Mystery game, Detective game and the most innovative Puzzle game. The puzzle varies from classic puzzle to newly made original puzzle, but almost all puzzle need abstract reasoning and logical thinking. It will be a nice present for girls in middle school or above ( I don’t recommend it for elementary school girl since she will end up asking you more than 3/4 puzzle to be solved) and girl who love challenging games.

Click here to Buy Professor Layton and Curious Village (The First game)

Click here to Buy Professor Layton and Diabolical Box (The Sequel game)

1. Cooking Mama

cooking mama ds game 150x144 Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls

Well, almost every girls love cooking role play in the real life. In this game, she will learn the technique how to cook and prepare the home made style food.� This game really use all of the cooking technique like cut, stew, fry, tender, boil and many more!�The microphone also used for blowing the food while cooking! So fun and so real, highly recommended for girls

buy now Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls

2. Chibi Robo Park Patrol

chibi robo Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls

I currently playing this now. You will be played a 4 inch metal robot, the�Chibi Robo. The mission is only one: rebuild the park and grow flowers in the park. Like tychoon game, you can arrange the park to make it beautiful and also feel the journey as Chibi Robo. You’re not alone, because in this game you can find some friends to help you build your park. It’s fun and I really recommended!

buy now Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls

3.Phoenix Wright Series

phoenix wright Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls

This game is suitable for adult, but it’s good to increase the analytical skill for your daughter. I have played the trilogy (Phoniex Wright ace attorney, justice fo all and Trials and tabulation) and it’s really good! You will be play as a defense attorney and you have to defend the client and look for the evidence for the not guilty verdict!

NB: at first I am planning for writing the best 5, but this wordpress theme will be broken If I write longer. the 4th is Kirby Canvas Curse Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls and the 5th is The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Best 3 Nintendo DS Games for Girls

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  • Jeux de fille

    Thanks for this review, I have a sister too and her birthday is coming soon, I was just wondering what to buy for her ! :)

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  • danijah

    um yall need some mo games on this website

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  • Dillon

    Always good quality info from this site!

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  • Alex

    Thanks for the review on the game, needed to make sure it is a suitable christmas present for my daughter. I always come here when i need game reviews.

    Alex From Furniture Restoration Perth

  • CACA locaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    es un askoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo como el nombre alex

  • sabrina

    are these games in the uk or usa

  • sabrina

  • aruj

    it is my birthday tommorow

    (29 December)

  • malia

    i love builde a bear wo9rkhnj

  • sweety

    that is crap only one is good

  • Me


  • Linda Ea

    Thank you for this wonderful blog post. I did observe I’m having some sort of few glitches on your website though. I can certainly view the content just fine but for some reason at this time there is some sort of frame on top that says “page can not be found” hmmm this might possibly end up being on my end, I might have some malware.

  • Jeux de fille

    I enjoy playing cooking mama 3

  • cuisto

    Thanks for this information.
    Cooking Mama is my favorite DS Game.

  • Claudia

    Hey I was just looking for some games. Here are some games I recomand: Girl time, Catz 2, Horsez 2, and lots of others!

  • KIKI


  • Anjelica


  • film streaming

    awesome thingy!

  • film megaupload

    thanks for the tips

  • jeux de course

    My daughter has the Cooking Mama 3 she love it, i think its a good game for girl.


    Wooot :D
    I only play cooking mama and the phoenix wright stuff,its awshum *~*
    I recommeeeeeeeend animal crossing and harvest moon stuff :D

  • Humour

    Good !

  • mini portable fridge

    game for girls..

    it`s have been long ago since i last play it..


  • Cheap WII Fit

    Thank you so much for such a great blog… My daughters’ birthday is round the corner and she would love to own one of these games… Great effort… Keep up the great work.. I love your blogs

  • Samara

    exerlant and fantactic

  • jeux

    cooking mama3 is the best game

  • noAmateur

    That’s hot superduper

  • nds games

    it looks very fun!

  • Aurora Designs

    I like the cooking mama 3, I have got it for my DS very cute game collection.

  • All Time Movies Fan

    Great collection. Do you know of any Toy Story based games? I saw Toy Story, Toy Story2 and now this Toy Story 3. No doubt – this is a rock solid awesome cute animation movie by Disney. Every Disney Pixar combination is a surefire victory! WAY TO GO Disney :-)

  • h game

    I think its nap time for someone.

  • download nintendo ds games free

    My niece is a hige fan of the Mama series of games, she loves to chop veggies all day :)

    She also likes Animal Crossing and I can’t wait until she is older so she can get into the Phoenix titles.

  • r4 ds

    Excellent list of cute games for girls. It’s always easy for me to get games for my Sons DS, but when it comes to my daughter, she’s just not into tracking down and killing some aliens or what have you :) This list is a welcome one (her Birthday is in 2 weeks!)

  • Amber

    Style Savvy is a great game to give to your daughter. She opens her own shop and learns about style and personal responsibility by knowing what people want. Best Game for my daughter

  • Lobotomika

    Heh. although listing Cooking Mama in such a list sounds sexist I have first hand experience that girls do like Professor Layton series and the Scribblenauts.

  • Carmen

    My granddaughters have the DS and love it. One has “cooking mama” and really enjoys that game!

  • Andrea

    This will be perfect for my 3 little daughters!

  • Fridge Advice

    I can certainly vouch for Cooking Mama, its almost impossible to get my little girl to stop playing it!

  • davi

    Professor Layton Series is great game indeed
    used to play it for hour at a time
    its old though

  • priya

    do you where I can buy a Nintendo DSI in Malawi for a very cheap price.

  • You

    I do not recommend Scribble Nauts if you are a girly girl.

  • 3DS Review

    Well don’t forget Harvest Moon ! Girl will love this game for sure !





  • joe ryan

    The beauty of organized chaos, I love it! this is totally awesome, looks like a very disciplined army preparing for battle. ;-)
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