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Best Ds Multiplayer Games

PinExt Best Ds Multiplayer Games

Playing Nintendo DS games is really fun, but it will be more fun if you can play with people you love like Friends, family, relative, or even your husband and wife. As The one who passionate with Nintendo DS, I think I have to make list about best ds multiplayer games. Nintendo DS itself embedded with Wi Fi that can make 2 multiplayer connection: Via Nintendo Wi Fi Connection (can played with people around the world, but you have to search for nearest WFC in public Spot) or Local Wi Fi Connection (You can play with friends up to 10-20 meters). Ok, here we are, the best ds wifi games list Exclusively from Cutie Gadget icon smile Best Ds Multiplayer Games

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1. Mario Kart DS

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This is a must have game for Nintendo DS owner, especially if you want to play Nintendo DS with your friends with WiFi Multiplayer without desperately seeking for NWC. This is a famous Mario Racing which ideal for people from 3 years old until 100 years old. Believe me, not all racing games is boring, because this is the good one! Another good stuff is: One Game cartridge is ENOUGH for have fun with 8 players! Is it cool? However, I suggest you to have it, because you can power up your Kart first before compete with your friends.

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2. Animal Crossing

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A really Nice NWC games, because you need to find DS WiFi Spot to interract with other people. It’s just a nice and famous Too-real-time-Games, because this game is simply endless. You will play in small town with some animals as your neighboor in really real time. If you open DS in midnight, people is sleeping and the stores is closed. If don’t play it after 3 weeks, the neighboor will tell your that you aren’t seen in 3 weeks. Is that too real?? If you have friends, you can visit your friend’s town via NWC, and that will be fun.

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3. Mario Party DS

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This game is also Highly recommended. It’s just like a board game but in virtual touch and Multiplayer with your DS. Not only board game, if you come in special place, you and youre friends are force to do some mini games. Some games are silly, some are hard, but all games all really fun and make laugh among the circles. Fun and really cool!

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  • Gman

    Gman bought a DS for no reason. I never play it… grrr

  • Stanley

    I like Mario Party too, but I cant play it as long as I do a normal board game, it’s fun but after a half-hour I need to go walk around or somethig?

  • John P.

    Mario Cart is the most fun when you get the steering wheel, feels like those old school arcade games :)

  • Slipper

    I’m a big fan of Mario game, will buy it if possible :)

  • Ukion

    I found your blog very interesting and I will become your regular reader, Nice job!

    Best regards,

  • CutieGadget

    Hi all, thanks for reading Cutiegadget :) Thanks for all the comments too

  • telecom companies

    That a good article about games i have played that all are nice game

  • Alice

    Mario Kart has been my favorite party game for years, way back since the Nintendo 64 days I believe it was. I was so exciting when it came out for Wii.

    Keep it up.

  • Pompano Bus Dealer

    Mario Cart is the best game by far ever created for the DS. It is fun for all ages. The new lego DS games are also lots of fun!

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  • okey

    I hate mario :)

  • Pat

    Dude, those aren’t games mang..

  • Shelba Gabrial

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