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Best DS Puzzle Games

PinExt Best DS Puzzle Games

Nintendo DS have so many Great Puzzle Games that will help you kill time and train your brain. Below I review the Best Puzzle Game for DS, most of the games are tested by me so you will read honest review here. I included Sudoku DS games and Crossword DS game because most Puzzle player love this game. Enjoy the List!

1. Professor Layton Series (Curious Village and Diabolical Box)
professor layton DS Best DS Puzzle Games
This is my number 1 recommendation because this is one of the Best DS Game in the world, and this is the Best Detective and Mystery Games for DS ever made. This game simply brilliant. You will get hundreds of great brain teasing game that need both right brain and left brain to solve it.They have LOTS of Original Puzzle that you haven’t seen it anywhere, and some twisted version of old classic puzzle. This game are beautifully drawn, have good graphic and cool animation. Despite the silly ending (the storyline is really good, but I really dislike the ending) this game is must have game for people who love puzzle. Oh yeah, this game also have storyline not just puzzle. You will inspect a murder case, you have to find out mystery behind them, get clue and of course: Solve the puzzle!
professor layton 2 Best DS Puzzle Games

If you just started with Professor Layton Game, get the Professor Layton and Curious Village first, then get the Professor Layton and Diabolical Box. Get it, Trust me you won’t regret it icon smile Best DS Puzzle Games

Get Professor Layton DS Game

2. Brain Age

Brain Age Game Best DS Puzzle Games

Brain Age 2 is a brain training Game developed by Japanese professor. Everyday, you will get “Brain Work-Out” Game to train your brain and improve the function. There are theories and research behind the game, so you will get more benefits, not just wasting time and money. Not only daily training, this game also have bunch of mini games so you won’t be bored with the Brain training activity!

And for ultimate Money saver, you will also Game Sudoku Game on this software along with 100 new Sudoku Puzzle ready to be solved! For this price (it’s $19.99), you will get Puzzle and Sudoku at same time! So it’s fair to say this is the Best DS Sudoku Game right? Oh well, not only sudoku, for your overall brian!

Get Brain Age Game

3. CrossWords DS

croswrods DS Best DS Puzzle Games

This is a great game for Crossword Lover, it’s perfect for people who are in line, waiting someone, or just need simple game to kill time. Priced under $20, this game provide real value for Puzzle lover, and this is a really great educational toys for kids too. You can choose different level and it will harder as you progress. If you stuck, you can request a hint so you can finish it.  I think this is the Best Crossword DS Game, great value with great content!

Get CrossWords DS Game

If you seek better challenge,harder crosswords with more than 1000 crosswords to be solved, you may consider  with New York Times Crosswords DS Game (LINK).

Ok, that’s my reviews, the Cutie Gadget version of Best DS Puzzle Games. These DS game can be Played in Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, the Upcoming DSi XL or Original Nintendo DS. These games can be played by men, women, and children in certain age (I suggest 12 years old and above) and can be a great educational tool for them. If you have another review or opinion, please share on comment form below icon smile Best DS Puzzle Games

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  • Sakshi Thorat

    Hey though cross-words you can get good collection of words in your mind. Its very good practise for refresh the mind.

  • Free iPod Tom

    There has been a lot of fuss over these Proffessor Layton games.. i seem to remember them even outselling call of duty on amazon at one point! Maybe i should try it out thanks to your reccommendation.. although i still like the original Dr. Kawashima’s brain training :)

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    Zubair Mehar

  • Boxing Gloves Manufacturer & Exporters Tompako

    happy x-masss
    happy new year


  • nintendo ds games download

    So far Professor Layton is the best in ds puzle game and selling like hotcakes in shops and malls

  • John

    Excellent article!

    Aren’t jigsaw puzzle’s the best? : D

    - John

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