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Best DS RPG Games

PinExt Best DS RPG Games

Some of the most Popular articles in Cutie Gadget is review of Best DS Games series, Including the Best Games for Girls, for Kids, and Even best Multiplayer DS games. Now, because I’m also RPG lover in nature and really passionate about it, here is my review of my Top Recommendation of DS Games RPG based on my own experience. All DS games are tested and played by myself, here is the best 3 of them.

3. Shin Megami Tensei, Devil Survivor
devil survivor game Best DS RPG Games  Best DS RPG Games

If you really Bored with Traditional RPG Style: Medieaval, getting the best armor and weapon, killing the demon for good, then this game is definitely for YOU! The setting of this game is in Tokyo, where the biggest city in Japan is being Locked down and you only have 7 days to live. In order to Survive, you have to find way out to get out of there with and train the Monster to help you out.

It’s a strategy-tactics RPG just like Final Fantasy Tactics game where you have to think carefully before make action or moves. If you love Japan urban Culture and its Anime, you will love it, because this game give some little tour about Tokyo best district, the heart of Japan. You will see Akibahara, Asakusa Temple, Ikiburo, and many more!

Cutie Gadget Notes: This game has Multiple ending and there is NO True Ending, but you have to choose ending based on your preference or personality. It’s soooo Shin Megami Style if have played the other series before.

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2. Final Fantasy Revenant Wings and Final Fantasy Tactics A2

final fantasy tactics DS review Best DS RPG Games

People said Final Fantasy III and IV are good, but I don’t agree. Because I have played similiar games before, it makes me bored when try to play it. If you like me, who bored to play traditional rpg with traditional story too, I suggest you to try this game out! If you love FF Tactics in PlayStation before, you will love this game. Unlike Devil Survivor game which every character is equal, in this game, you will find that each character has their own ability and skill, so every character is special.

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1.Rune Factory 1 & 2

rune factory DS good Best DS RPG Games

Ok, so Far this is My favorite RPG for DS! Have you played Harvest Moon before? It’s a famous farming game where you can farm, raise animals, earn money, marry favorite girls and having a child! In this game, you will get ALL the feature I said to you AND full Anime Japanese RPG Style, make it the Best Nintendo DS RPG 2009 so far! The play time is really Looooong and you won’t regret buying it, it need at least 3 month until you get bored with this game.

PS: If Zelda Phantom HourGlass is included in RPG game, I would put it in the Top List. I don’t sure if it’s RPG but some people said it’s RPG. Oh yeah, some people also say The Worlds End With You Game is Cool, I have try it but haven’t buy the game so I can’t give any review.

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  • Amy

    Any idea if Devil is available in Australian?


    I want it. :D

  • Miranda

    I love rune factory 2!

  • Dre

    You must play: The World Ends With You.
    I really really loved it. It’s fun, it can be as hard as you like (you can set the difficulty before you enter a fight, higher difficulty means better items). You have to watch both screens in order to win. It’s a MUST-BUY.

    Oh, and I played “Rune Factory 2″.. I love it.

  • Vina

    OMFG. I loved Rune Factory 1&2!!!
    I can’t wait till 3 comes out! (:

  • Dave

    Nice to see games with original ideas tbh (Devil Survivor).

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