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Best Kids Mp3 Player

PinExt Best Kids Mp3 Player

Do you seek the Best Kids Mp3 players, especially for kids under 12 years old, like 3 years old toddler or even 7 years old children? Then maybe my research will also helpful for you. I pick three kids mp3 players that popular and have lots of positive reviews in amazon to help and put it here. I hope this review will be helpful for you!

1. Sansa Shakers Mp3 player (USD $49.99)

best kids mp3 player sansa Best Kids Mp3 Player

One of the best seller in toys in are  kids electronic. One of the examples is Sansa Kids Mp3 Player. This is the best kids mp3 player that produced in this year,and it’s inxespensive for just $44.95. Moreover, this is a real digital song and story player designed just for children up to 6 years old. Beside of that, this is a durable mp3 player kids because this mp3 player can play the music up to 2 hour non-stop.

The features of this product that you can get are:  A really durable 512 MB Mp3 player, SD Card Slot, Strong External Speaker with the “shakeable” song. You can get more detail features and information about this product by opens this site. In addition, this site also offers you with other best mp3 player for children with low price and more features. Give your children with some entertainment through this unique tool.

buy now Best Kids Mp3 Player

PS: Sansa Mp3 player was Popular in 2008-2010, and it’s still the best kids Mp3 player ever. However, not the item is out of stock in amazon, and I suggest some other cool mp3 player for kids like:

2. Discovery Kids Digital Mp3 Boom Box

kids mp3 player Best Kids Mp3 Player

This Kids Mp3 player probably one of the best designed Mp3 player out for kids in such affordable price. Even The storage is rather low -just 128 mb, there is a SD card slot so you can fil lots of Mp3 music. I personally really like the design, which is pretty attractive for children, especially if they are below 6 years old. The navigation is also easy, and even a 3 years old toddler can operate this little gadget. Btw, this Children Mp3 player is pretty durable too, because it’s made for younger children, this gadget won’t break so easily. If you read review in amazon, there is a review from a Mom whose children “abuse” this mp3 player several times, but it’s still fine anyway. Definitely worth to buy if your kids tends to drop his stuff while playing with it.

buy now Best Kids Mp3 Player

3. Spongebob Micro Mp3 player

spongebob mp3 player Best Kids Mp3 Player

Your kids love Spongebob tv series? Then you should gift him with this Spongebob Squarepants Micro Mp3 player. With such affordable price, this mp3 player is really cute, unique yet it’s powerful. It has rechargeable battery that will play about 7 years of music and can store up to 250 songs with its 1 GB capacity! If you see closer, the eyes of the Spongebob are actually the basic button of the kids mp3 player (play, pause, stop, and fast forward, backward). I suggest to gift this gadget for older children – maybe for children aged 7-12 years old as this mp3 player is quite small and not really suitable for toddler.

buy now Best Kids Mp3 Player

That’s my review about the best Kids Mp3 player I found online, I hope my personal recommendation will be useful for you.

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  • Informixx

    This is a good gift for Christmas! I should reward my sweet kids with this one.

  • Dj Toronto

    Very good gadget. Not only for kids. This would be a great Christmas Gift for everybody.

  • Monty J

    I was really confused what to give to my little sister fro Christmas. As I love her very much so I am planning from before as usual. I think this would be the perfect one. She always wants to listen to music from my cell or iPOD. Thanks for the post. Now I have decided the best gift she wants.

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  • Vinay

    Not sure if kids this age need mp3 player in the first place!

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  • btrcp

    If you are used to the ease of transferring music with itunes or WMP, you will HATE the fp3 player. We have had two since 2007, and they are ridiculously and unnecessarily complicated. I almost never change the music on them anymore. Here’s why they are a waste of money, and moreso, TIME:

    1. MUST transfer from cd only. If you want tracks that are already on your computer, you have to burn them to cd first, in which case you will also have to manually enter song and artist

    2.If you lose the cd it came with or the code, you are SOL unless you can convince them to send you another. I was fortunate and found ours, otherwise these would have gone in the garbage

    3. Does not work with Vista out of the box, you must call to request that they email a patch (Hello? maybe put it on the website??)

  • 10+ New Childrens Mp3 Players Collection

    i think there are many other better gadget now, such as sansa shaker, sweetpea3 or the new crayola mp3 player for children

  • nadallie daviau

    i would like to get a free mpe player for kidsunder10@and older

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  • Jenny

    Great, my daughter will love this. I will burn her favorite tracks.

  • Best Mp3 Player

    So cute, many kids must like the mp3 players very much.

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