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Best Netbook Value to Buy

PinExt Best Netbook Value to Buy

black netbook cutiegadget Best Netbook Value to Buy

Many of us need the netbook. For many of us, especially some people who run some online businesses, the existence of the netbook would be something extremely crucial. For some people, the netbook would be the perfect device that could give them some chances to handle their online business perfectly. Well, for some people, the netbook has been considered as the perfect device because it’s light and compact. They didn’t need to carry some big and heavy laptops anymore.

One of netbook products that have been considered as the best one would be the Eee PC from the Asus. It has been considered as the Best Netbook Value among all kinds of netbook. What make it so special so many users have considered it as the best one? Well here is the short review of the netbook. It uses the 1.66GHz Intel Atom N280 Processor with the 1GB DDR2 RAM, so it would be a fast device to surf the internet.

If you need some large storage bin, the 250GB SATA Hard Drive would be big enough, even for some DVDs movies. The 10’1 inch 1024×600 LCD Display would make it small enough to be carried anywhere. Surely, it has the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity. The best part that makes it the Best Netbook to Buy is; it has a long duration of battery life, for up to 10.5 hours. No other netbook could hold the battery that long.

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  • kris acer

    This Eee PC is great! with large storage for netbook types, I just wondered how about the price? Is it affordable for our pocket?

  • gadget joss

    this is nice eeps ive ever seen, i like the durability of the batterei, this is nice to buy

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  • Ignatius Piazza

    I have been watching this computer since the black Friday deals of 2009 and I would like to thank you for making me take a look at this computer on amazon again. It is the cheapest price yet, which blows me away after seeing how cheap it was on black Friday and just before christmas! Thank you very much, and I will hopefully be purchasing this soon, I’ll be sure to followup this comment with my review when the time comes.

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  • Joe Porter

    I have the eeePC 900 model and I am quite pleased with it. It really is the perfect size for traveling. The 1000HA model is even nicer with faster speed and longer battery life and larger screen. I seem to get only about two hours on my 900.

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  • Elizabeth Gay

    I am really glad that eeePC model has all the features that one looks for in a notebook. Moreover,its seems easy to carry anywhere. I would to buy it if suits my pocket.

  • Cindy

    I am very close to buying one of these. I have been comparing brands and always end up back at the Asus. Their specs are impressive and is the price!

  • Pxl37

    Noting against you Joe but i don’t like PC this is what i use here

  • Anonymous

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