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Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

PinExt Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

In addition to Cutie Gadget’s popular post: Best Nintendo DS games for girls, now I also create the review of best Nintendo DS games for children. I made this list based on my experience as a gamer, and in this post, I only rate the best Games that suitable for any age, and kids can play it. I hope you will enjoy my list

***Updated 14 Decembers 2010***

New and Recommended!

Let’s Draw!

lets draw Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

Do your children love to draw? Then you should give them this cool DS game! With this game, they don’t only scribble on the paper. They will learn step by step how to draw everyday object that children love like beetles,fish, elephant, and many more . They can draw anything, anywhere without worrying about the dirty crayons and another art tool. Simply, this game doesn’t only offer fun, but this DS game also offer education value. This game is design for children, but I think the most suitable age to play is 4 to 10 years old. If you have children in late preschool (4-5 years old) or in early elementary school (around 6, 7 and 8 years old) and they have interest in drawing, I highly recommend to get this game!

Get it from Amazon

Crafting Mama

crafting mama Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

Crafting Mama is Sequel of Cooking Mama (see reviews below), one of the Best Nintendo games for young girls. In this game, Mama will teach you to do crafting, not only cooking. Your chilren (or maybe you) will learn how to make paper airplane,  Baloon Art, Boomerang, Sewing, kaleidoscope and even create some simple music instrument! You will find unique craft that popular in Japan (but less popular in US) like Bamboo Copter, Deco sweet, or create sumo paper. Overall, this game is really fun for your children and even for you! I personally play this game and really love it, it’s definitely playable for all ages, boys or girls!

Get it from Amazon

Super Scribblenaut

super scribblenaut Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

Super scribblenaut is the sequel of previous Scribblenaut game (see review below). In this game, you really need to bring your dictionary to play it. Like the previous game, you need to type word and the word will pop up into reality, so you need to use creativity to think what item should be popped out. However, this game will be more complex than the previous one, because you can play adjective for every noun words! For example, you want to pop dragon to lighten up the fireplace. You can write the adjective like “Shy Dragon” “Green Dragon” or “Gentlemanly dragon” which will pop different dragons each time you write it! So this game is really great for creative children or adults who want to challenge their brain. Good for children 7 years up who have enough vocabulary in their mind. However, I recommend this for older children, maybe 10 years old and up.

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scribblenauts DS kids 150x150 Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

I’m sure you have heards good review about Scribblenauts DS game, and I think it’s really crazy if I don’t recommend it for you. Really, this is the most creative, most imaginative and most original game ever existed in this world! For example, the mission is take starite on the tree you can either use ladder, get a lasso, ride on pegasus, fly with magic carpet or even cut the tree with axe. In one mission, there are thousands solution that need creativity to solve it and since they have more than 20.000 items that can be “scribbled”, just imagine how many solution can be used.   If you seek Educational DS games to make your children creative, then you HAVE to buy this game. Read another review in Amazon, and you can see why there are so many people recommend it. It’s my best buy so far icon wink Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

Get it Here (Price: $27.99)

Legendary Starfy DS Games

strafy DS game Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

I just played it, addicted to it and totally blown away. It’s an EASYand fun adventure game for children, but personally I really loved it. It’s a 2D side scrolling adventure game, just like Mario Bros. It’s fun, easy (even 5 old girl can beat this game), have lots of Mini Games, can be played with your friend with the Wi Fi DS Multiplayer,� have nice sense of humor, and can reduce my stress after playing a bit (Hey, I’m a 22 old girl indeed with lots of problem and work, so playing this is give pleasure private retreat, it makes me laugh, relax and feels I can handle more works afterwards). Read My Full Legendary Starfy Review.

Product Page

Cooking Mama DS

cooking mama 31 150x150 Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

This is my favorite game and it really suitable for all ages, especially for little Girls who want to seek her fisrt Nintendo DS games. I owned both of The Cooking Mama 1 and Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with friends and write the reviews in seperate post. The third series of Cooking Mama games is really good as well, with new recipe and new shopping feature.  Overall, this game is really fun and easy to play. You don’t need to have cooking skill to play it, because in this game the girls will learn how to cook. This game have really good educational value because it teach the player how to cook with the REAL recipes.

Product Page

New Super Mario Bros

super mario game review 150x143 Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

This Mario Nintendo Games is really suitable for all ages and I recommend everyone to play it. The game is moderate (not too easy to but too hard) and the most important, this Nintendo DS game doesn’t have any Violence screen! For adult who played the previous games in older Console, this is one of the must have games in DS, because it’s simply really cool. There are several Mini Games that can be played with friends with Wi Fi Connection too, cool!

Product Page

Zelda Phantom Hourglass

zelda phantom hourglass ds 150x143 Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

Zelda is the classic Nintendo DS games, and also one of must have games for anyone who own Nintendo DS. Like the other games I mention in this page, Zelda games’ rate is for everyone. This game is simply awesome. If you seek games that use full function of Nintendo DS, you have to own it. In this game, are not only use your stylus, you will have to blow the microphone, shout, or even flip your Nintendo DS. However, I suggest this game for older children, about 7+ because this Nintendo DS game is a bit complicated.

Product Page

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  • Bobby

    i think Super Mario Bros is the number one of the best of Nintendo DS games. it can entertain us

  • Michele

    I, have played Zelda…Love it! The orginial on Super NES was in two different worlds. It was like haveing a different game to play.

  • Marwan

    Cooking mama is cool :)

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  • solar wind

    Metroid is the best, and it’s an FPS for handhelds!!!

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  • New Nintendo DS Model

    these sounds like great games. now i just need to get myself a ds!

  • Mrs S | Gamesbuzz

    I had wondered whether the Mario game was any good – I might have to add that one to my wish list. I love a good platform game!

  • michelle

    There are so many great Nintendo DS games for kids. But oddly enough, my 3-year old niece prefers to play games for older kids and adults. LOL

  • Legend of Zelda Octorok Hunter

    Legend of Zelda Octorok Hunter – Made this mettlesome in a some days, ease employed on it :) The neutral is to blackball every adversary as alacritous as possible

  • Erika

    Metroid Prime Hunters paired with a few cheats is the game to beat! My kids absolutely love this game!! As long as it keeps them off my GH3 we are OK :)

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  • wii rules

    is there a new nintendo coming out this year?

  • Nintendo Handhelds

    Its Mario all the way for me, i think its a child hood connection thing. What a character

  • Nintendo DSi

    I think that pokemon should definitely be included in for the top games.
    I played them all during my childhood and I’m yet to find another game which gives as much free roaming and longevity.

  • spatter

    I got my Nintendo Dsi in black, but now I regret taking the black one.

  • Private Dancer

    I have all the games you listed(nice website!) except for Zelda, Phantom of the Hourglass. Is it really that good? I was thinking of getting it but it looked pretty complicated(for a 10 year old?)

    Please reply or help me!!

    ~Private Dancer

    “I dance ALONE”

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  • nerylle

    the cooking mama 3 shop&chop is so very beautiful game

  • Heated Dog House

    Great list. Super Mario Bros. takes the cake tho in my opinion. I think Zelda, Phantom of the Hourglass comes in a close 2nd.

  • Chris

    ScribbleNauts is awesome, Just the amount of things you can do or different ways you can solve a puzzle make it a really neat choice if the kid is into solving problems.

  • Goldeninkweaver

    Cooking Mama Rules! i haven’t tried Scribblenauts yet, but I am trying to get it,it xseems awesome! in Zelda, i doubt i can play it due to the yelling involved i think my mom would freak out!

  • Fun Corporate Activities

    I am very delighted to reading after this blog. It has great contents which is informative and useful same time. I am sure all people must impress with it.

  • Ignatius Piazza

    Excellent list, I have played every one of those games and they are great, I think you made a mistake leaving Pokemon off though, when I was young Pokemon red/silver were by far my favorite games during long car rides.

  • Bethimoo


  • nintendo ds games download

    DS’s ScribbleNauts gets the top choice

  • lokki lenard

    i think ac:ww should be on there deffo! xxxxx

  • kierra

    cooking mama 3 is the best game I ever played for the dsi

  • Sushie

    Haha, yeah Cookie Mama, my cousin have this game, it’s cool ^^.

  • Aleksandar Kovacic

    Super Mario Bros is the most popular in Croatia for sure, children just crazy about it. Well, i play it also :) )


    yeah i like cooking mama but mario is the coolest game
    i ever played



  • Luke

    (luigi too XD)

  • Ben10 Games

    Thanks alot for list. I was looking for it!

  • JDreW

    This console was my first gift to my the end of this year he needs a new games but these are I guess classic games but cool enough to play again and again..I like Mario most.

  • Lj

    Where can i buy crafting mama in philippines??

  • Lj


  • n

    id recommend getting n+ on ds, its even more addictive than the original and you can create levels on the DS version.

  • Victor Seiciuc

    Mario is great , i actually tell to my friend to get a game copy …. it’s really awesome game and now with the new features,uh,,great blog keep continue to put more posts. Check also how i mod my wii by cracking all the wii secrets and now i can run almost everything on it)

  • joe ryan

    The beauty of organized chaos, I love it! this is totally awesome, looks like a very disciplined army preparing for battle. ;-)
    Business Loan

  • digitopz

    these games are so marvelous,it can help children paly and learn at the same time.

  • Timothy Kelly

    There are some out standing games for the ds for children listed here, here are a few more to ad to the list:
    LemmingsDS, this will help test a childs logical skills.
    MemorizeMe, this will help thier memory
    SSB Clash – a 2d version of the game super smash brothers

    You can get these games and more here:

  • Carina Fettverbrennung

    I also love Camp Rock, Fashion Designer, and Cooking Mama. There is so many other Nintendo DS out there that are best for girls. 

  • Anonymous

    For me it must be Super Mario as the best one out there for the DSi.
    Zelda comes at a very close second and so does Phantom of the Hourglass.

    MemorizeMe is excellent for the kids (even adults) to help them train their memory.

    Nintendo aficionados, what about Pokemon?
    Am I the only one here who seems to give it a big #3 in my favorite list???
    Maybe something is wrong with me!!

  • outsourcing philippines

    why isn’t pokemon here?very well zelda is also one of my favorite games when i was a kid..

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