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Best Way to Protect Stolen Laptop

PinExt Best Way to Protect Stolen Laptop

Today I find this funny video, it’s about how a thief get “punishment” after he stole a laptop. It’s a nice and refreshing video indeed icon smile Best Way to Protect Stolen Laptop Don’t take the video content seriously, but there is an essence of this video. In my college, there are lots of my friend whose laptop stolen and they only cry because the laptop contains lots of precious and private data.

Of course, we don’t want the thief get advantage of our suffering. That’s why I think protection for our laptop is a must, and Lenovo’s idea to make the Remote Disable system is really nice.Even we can’t really make the laptop to be explode, we can make sure the thief cannot use the laptop. If he/she try to sell it, it won’t be accepted because the Laptop won’t operate! Well, a good punishment for the laptop thieves: They put Lots effort to take the Laptop -running very fast with remaining energy, hide it in safe place, become fugitive, but the result of those huge effors are… Zero icon wink Best Way to Protect Stolen Laptop



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  • sonali jain

    Really it is good post and informative as well.

  • Adam

    Hello, I just reached on your site while google search. very nice blog you have. And this video is also awesome. Laptops are very costly and precious. Proper care must be taken while handling such costly devices.

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  • shafat ali

    very nice..

  • Sterling Collections

    If you don’t mind spending some money, there is also LoJack for laptops.

  • Jean Pfeiffer

    haha…funny video! But, it’s very useful! We really have to protect our laptop from those criminals, good for lenovo that they made security for their laptops like that! Not good for me, I own an HP not a lenovo laptop!

  • David Kendall

    Awesome! I’ll buy lenovo brand of laptop next time. That was cool, will protect our laptop!

  • Notebook Rentals

    Hey, nice video dude!
    Thanks for sharing it.

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