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Blackberry for Beginner User

PinExt Blackberry for Beginner User

blackberry Blackberry for Beginner User

There are lots of people in all over the world like to use any kinds of communication tools to ease them in having connection with other people. They may use it because there is lots of a business that must be done in limited time. Unfortunately, there are some of people that still awkward in using and operating some kinds of communication tools, especially Black Berry. But, that statement is not valid if you use Blackberry 8830.

This blackberry is designed specially for people who still do not know yet in operating communication tools. Also, this is designed for business people that have lots of businesses in their working. There is QWERTY keyboard which can be used to easily type message or notes in your blackberry. Moreover, this blackberry is claim as the first CDMA smart phone that capable for global GSM/GPRS network. Therefore, you do not need to change setting of your phone, email, or even your phone number.

Other features that you can get from this phone are: online facilities that are internet browser so you can easily and quickly send and receive any kinds of your email anywhere and anytime. This also has micro SD memory so that you can store any kinds of your data in this phone.


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  • rose martin

    Blackberrys are really neat. I got one, a blackberry curve and it works wonders for me. Its pretty much easy to use although at the onset I got realy frustrated with it. I realized later on that it really just needs getting used to.

  • Uminya Rama

    I do love blackberry. But, the qwert keypad has made me very frustated. Why? Because the button is too small, then my finger doesn’t feel comfort in typing it at all.
    Touchscreen is the best.

  • Chloe

    What I like about BlackBerries is that there is a model for every need, every age and every social class. I mean, some are oriented towards young users, others are designed for business people and others are made for ordinary people who just need to talk and send mesages from time to time. It is not always that, but it is really important for RIM who their partners are. A single BB cannot hold so many extras and this is why there are applications developed for the abovementioned categories of users. I also am a business user and one of the most helpful applications I have used is a BlackBerry Email translator while my daughter uses all kinds of games from

  • Blackberry

    ^^ Totally agree I have a really difficult time not mashing two or three buttons at a time with my fingers. Nice to have a qwerty keyboard but keys are wayy to small :/

  • unlock blackberry storm

    i must say blackberry phones are the most user friendly phones.i am using my storm for a while and trust me i like it more that iphone which i was using earlier..

  • Blackberry Business Mobiles

    Blackberry are the easiest phones to use, And are very reliable phones. If you want something that can be small, connected to the internet and check your emails. Then a blackberry is for you.

  • fiona

    Blackberry mobile is a great technology with superb quality and design. It comes with great features and functions that separated it from other devices.
    Mobile, Blackberry

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