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Bomb Piggy Bank explodes if you don’t Put Money

PinExt Bomb Piggy Bank explodes if you dont Put Money

bomb saving Bomb Piggy Bank explodes if you dont Put Money

This ‘bomb’ will explode when don’t put a coin for a long time. Of course, it won’t really explode, but it will give huge exlpode sound and lighten up just like a bomb when explode.

It’s a good gadget to make children save their own money instead of spending it. With this saving box, punishment can be so much fun. The manufacture, Tomy, is really concern with the children’s laziness to save their money. This Saving Bomb will teach em how to save money in the “Cruel” Way icon smile Bomb Piggy Bank explodes if you dont Put Money

It’s sold in Japan for 2,922 yen ($22) at affordable price. But You can buy It !! Kadounik will sell it soon! Well, I think I will buy it, it’s cool!

Via DDSquare


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  • Austin Long

    This looks like a fun blog. I like cute/fun gadgets better than “hot” gadgets. I think I’m more likely to buy this than to buy the rice/noodle bowl bra.

  • iPod For Humans

    its realy interesting device. But what if the bomb is blemish and starts “exploading” every 5 min. , so i will be broke…:)

  • website designing india

    Hey..! This bomb is very good way to make children to save their money. It gives punishment with funny way to children. So it can be interesting to save money :) .

  • Daniel Scocco

    Children? Man I could use something like that myself!

    The should make a similar device for bloggers, it explodes if you don’t write on a preset frequency…

  • CutieGadget

    Guys, thanks for dropped by and give comments in my blog :) Keep on commenting to give backlink, as long as your comment are not spam, it will be welcomed!! I also will visit your blogs too!

  • Andy Coates

    Ha ha, what a great idea although i can seel alot of kids puropulsy not putting money into it just to watch it explode! LOL

  • Chauncy

    Now, what would be funnier if it really DID explode…

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  • cohnsey

    How much will it cost in the US?

  • http:/// Richard

    Hahahahaha .. What a cute and scary gadget :P
    that’s a great gadget for parents that wants their child to learn saving moneys :)

  • unknown

    yeah it really looks like a bomb,it can scare kids to just give their money.hehehe.:))

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