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Bracelets Made from Apple Inc.

PinExt Bracelets Made from Apple Inc.

ipod shuffle bracelet Bracelets Made from Apple Inc.

Apple, the most leading industrial company for gadget in US has been creating various gadgets that become famous all around the world. Everyone is this world has been use it. Gadget that being manufactured by Apple has the latest technology where not much companies can do like them. Also it comes with beautiful shapes that make people more intense with the Apple product. A person named Isamu Yamada has been creating a new concept.
His concept the idea of iPod Shuffle Bracelet was very pleasant, it combines both of the style and function. With the form like this I’m sure many people will like wearing it. As we know the iPod shuffle has become “the world’s most wearable mp3 player”, so maybe by this concept people will more intended on it.

There’s no doubt that all of the gear that comes out from Apple has the best technology in it. Just count on the day that now many people have been use it as their gadget in their home. This concept that comes out form Isamu Yamada mind can become Apple consideration to made it real. Because people will still find the gadget that has unique forms and characteristic like the iPod Shuffle.

Including wireless Bluetooth earphone, you will not realize that this thing is exist in your hand. Also it comes with the dock where you can recharge the battery and insert your favorite songs in it. Now you can hope that this bracelet iPod Shuffle will be produced by Apple manufacturer.


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  • GregR

    This is a very clever and attractive design. This is something that Apple would come up with. Great for runners.

  • Pink MP3 Players

    OMG, this is the coolest idea that I have ever seen. The bluetooth is what makes it priceless, I don’t know about you, but when participating in sports activities, while wearing headphones with cords, is just a pain in the butt.

    Cool concept, hope we can see it come to fruition.

  • erebos

    Apple gerçekten çok kaliteli tek geçerim.

  • James

    I bought my sister an Ipod docking station last X-mas and and Ipod nano. Great product and I’m a big fan of the way in which they have marketed the products. Looking forward to future products from Apple.

  • Sulumits Retsambew

    WOW its looking cool to me

    when did Apple going to announce this product in Pakistan?

  • Dalton Flooring Information

    This would be a really cool item if Apple made something like this. The Mp3 sunglasses have done well out there, so I bet this would do awesome, especially if they made it to where you could change out “faceplate” covers.
    flooring information

  • news

    Wow these would realy come in handy when jogging.

  • Jeff@Childrens Guitars

    That is really cool gadget! I want to have one.

  • BOF

    A Much improved design over the “arm strap” which looked like the runner was on a high dose of quit smoking patches.
    I think bracelets are in fashion at the moment and multi colour options would go down a treat.

  • Aaron

    Wow what an awesome creation. This is ideal for the everyday runner and I can not wait to pick one up for myself!!! Way to go Apple.

  • villas in Seminyak

    Thanks…it’s great info..

  • Hellas

    this looks cool enough for some geek girl…

    but sincerely I dont like the idea.

  • David Kendall

    That was great! Perfect gadget while jogging or having some work out! Thanks Apple! That was awesome!

  • Jean Pfeiffer

    Perfect! That what suits my sister who’s very clumsy and always misplaces her Ipod! Want to buy one for her! Thanks for the information!

  • Tr0pican3

    thats nice gadgets.. when it will on the market??? in malaysia.. i really wanna have 1.. =))

  • Zurich@assurance hypothĂ©caire quĂ©bec

    Hi, this ipod brace let from apple is really glamorous and very stylish. I like the design of this one cause it is very handy and I don’t need to carry it anymore. Thanks for sharing,..

  • flood pictures

    Amazing design.
    Apple is great. They can make wonderful tools.

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  • Trinidad Lockerz

    Hello, just found this blog but I have to admit that it looks great. I totally agree with your post. Have a good day, keep up the nice work and I will definitely come back.

  • e cigarettes

    Apple hasn’t missed a “beat” yet. Great stuff!!!

  • joseph smariela

    Whether is shoes or a new dress, the accessories are the key. In today’s fashion, keeping up to the latest is become a challenge, an expense for sure. Quality cost quite a lot these days.

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