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Brick Brites, Unique Lamp for LEGO Lover

PinExt Brick Brites, Unique Lamp for LEGO Lover

Brick Brites Unique Lamp for LEGO Lover Brick Brites, Unique Lamp for LEGO Lover

If you love brick and building toys, you must know LEGO. Yes, one of famous toys that ever created that’s not only fun for kids. There’re many adult that love this toys and even there’s world record for building LEGO toys. Maybe, you think that it’s only fun, when you use it to build a house, building or other thing. But, when you look at this Brick Brites, you might have different thought.

What is Brick Brites?

Brick Brites is unique LEGO with light in it. Yes, it can lighten up your room. But, of course, in order to do that you will need thousand of them. The Brick Brites has transparent material. So, the light will shine through this transparent material.

Brick Brites Feature

There’re three color of light that you can get, which is red, blue and green. The most interesting part of Brick Brites is the motion detector that it has. So, if you tap this light, it will light for about 12 seconds. You can have lot of this light and place it in your room. And when you tap it in order, you will get magnificent view of blinking light inside you room. It’s great decoration for your room.  The other unique thing that this Brick Brites has is the shape. It’s like real LEGO and you can build house or any other thing with the Brick Brites like when you use LEGO to create different shape.

Brick Brites Price

Like mentioned above, this is great lamp that you can use for decoration. However, if you want to decorate your whole house, you might need thousand of them. And, you need to buy them separately, because the price for each Brick Brites is £8.99. It’s cheap, but, if you need thousand of them, it can be very expensive. Overall, this is great decoration. For limited budget, buy couple of this lamp and put it on your desk. That’s enough to make your desk looks cute and cool.

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  • Bhecca73

    Very interesting
    article that you’ve posted. Found the views to be quite informative and
    intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Geeky

    Oh, one brick brites at £8.99 isn’t cheap, but not pricy! :)

  • Syuzix123

    This is no cheap :(

  • Steve

    That is awesome!

  • PhotovoltaicPanels

    Quite amazing dear.

  • Guia

    I would iluminate my flat only with this!! hahah Awesome!

  • Euronetwork UK

    This is ace. Looking at it brings a lot of childhood memories but as much as I want to indulge the inner kid in me I would rather put this on my own child’s bedroom. But I suppose this does not come cheap.

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