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Bringrr will Help You not to Forget Your Cell Phone

PinExt Bringrr will Help You not to Forget Your Cell Phone

bringrr Bringrr will Help You not to Forget Your Cell Phone

How many from us forgot their cell phone? I believe there are many, because cell phone is a little thing so we sometimes forget where we put it down. It is a big invention for us, because this thing will help us to find where the cell phone is. Its named is bringrr. The use of bringrr is easy, we just turn on the Bluetooth and it will find our cell phone. The form of bringrr is similar to flashlight. There will be a place that covered by the glasses and the blue ray goes out from there.

Actually this thing is designed to say in the car. When we forget our cell phone, the bringrr will sound an alarm. It is good for you who are often forget to bring the cell phone, because cell phone becomes an important thing for us. And it is very helpful for us to prevent loosing the cell phone.

It is not expensive to have one, because it becomes people’s need so the company which made this thing gives the low price but they still get a lot of profits. What are you waiting for? Just contact the service and order it for you.



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  • Jan

    Now this gadget sounds like a really, inexpensive idea. The number of times, for example, that cell/mobile phones get lost in Taxi Cabs is amazing.

    I think one of these should be mandatory for any parent buying a cell phone for a child. In the long run, it will save them heaps of money.

  • Sachin

    Nice innovative product but one would have to weigh its utility, or better still – do we really need to get so technically bound that we have a machine for every task we do? And what is say you leave your mobile on a restaurant table? No alarm for such forgetfulness :)

  • Alina Kovakolsky

    this is going to be so helpful!!! I always have to go back home and try to find my phone…and by then I am already late for eve4rywhere!!! I am so getting this thing :D

  • Raf

    Is it even possible to forget your phone these days? We are often finding our self in situations where we loudly state ‘I am so happy there will be no reception I will have some rest finally”. Imagine suddenly not having mobile phone in nowadays? World of communication will collapse.

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