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Cable Fish Boney

PinExt Cable Fish Boney

cablefish1 Cable Fish Boney

Feeling Tired complicated and twisted cable around your house, especially when you feel a cable/cord is too long? Maybe this little fancy Tool From can help you. You just need to roll the cable arround the fish bone. They are available in three color: Red, brown, and Black.

cablefish3 Cable Fish Boney 

Plus, this little tool is really cute! This resin fish bone is worth to buy as a decorative item. For  500 yen (around US $ 5 or 4.5), the price is good enough. Another urban style home accesory sometime more expensive than this.


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    thatīs a nice idea. then the cables donīt look so ugly anymore. but i think…maybe the colored fish makes it even more obvious that thereīs a cable pile on your desk or on the floor… letīs make it all wireless! (regarding the picture – i read that theyīre planning to release wireless-usb…)


    I am a big fish fan, so that’s what i need to make ugly cables look funny.

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