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Camera Table Dolly

PinExt Camera Table Dolly

Camera Table Dolly 300x216 Camera Table Dolly

If you have a camera or iPhone and you want to take picture of yourself or your favorite pets, you need camera tablet dolly. The camera tablet dolly is used to mount your camera or iPhone and then you can take photos from distance. The camera tablet dolly is a good invention because it can replace tripods.

The camera tablet dolly is generally a compact tabletop camera dolly for any DLSR camera and iPhone. The camera tablet dolly is designed to hold the camera and also the iPhone tightly. The advantage of having the camera tablet dolly is that you can take photo from any surface. The camera tablet dolly wheels will make stable the cam and you don’t need to worry that it would slip.

The camera tablet dolly can also be used to take picture of your favorite pet. They will not disturb with the camera tablet dolly and you can take close up photo as many as you like. The camera tablet dolly is sold with $90. It is a quite expensive because camera tablet dolly is not motorized nor have radio control feature. The camera tablet dolly is totally manual but it is good for some stunningly smooth panning.



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  • Brian Holloway

    I wonder how much this costs. Hopefully, it’ll be a lot cheaper than those big dollies. This will also make the iPhone produce great videos, too.

  • ChezBec

    I saw this the other day I think it costs about $89 but I love the idea of being able to do all my iphone videos with that little bit of extra added to them. Means I can do more interesting video without the need for major equipment! Good share thank you!

  • freelance writing

    Nice tips!

  • David

    That’s a great write up! this is very useful not only for personal use but also for those that want to be professional photographer.

  • Jonathan Nichol

    I have followed your column on a daily basis for over… a lot of time. I thank you very much for the enjoyment it has given me.

  • Hellingto

    Nice art toys! I like it. :-)

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