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Capture Securely With Camera Video Pen

PinExt Capture Securely With Camera Video Pen

video camera pen1 Capture Securely With Camera Video Pen
video camera pen21 Capture Securely With Camera Video Pen

Gadget has been growing in such rapid growth since the demand is also getting higher and higher. Experts try to figure out their imagination every day. There are many kind of spy camcorder nowadays. You can check this out as your new references and new collection of your gadget.

It is the video camera pen. It is a ball point that has a built in video camera which you can record any moment just simply with a button. This camera video pen enables you to capture moment securely in your pocket. You just simply clip the ball point in your pocket and just push the button then it will capture automatically. It is also completed with microphone to get the voices and sound captured by the microphone. The video camera is at the above of the pocket clip and the microphone is located on the top of it. You can capture video up to 2 ˝ hours video. You can capture the video up to 352×228 resolutions and you can store it in 4GB memory in AVI format. It has the USB adapter which enables you to upload the video to your PC. Get the camera video pen now and capture your precious moment with this device.


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  • TikTech

    These type of gadgets are in market now and more and more companies are going into these. Thanks for sharing.

  • Eric

    there are 2 main problems. .resolution and the size..
    most of the video cameras are so small but with a high resolution, that there are no reason why i should buy one of these
    and size – if lost this wonderpen – or my friend thinks its a usual pen and accidently starts eating?

  • Seth

    That is awesome. I wonder how much something like that costs. I would have a blast with this. Companies would probably ban these devices from being used in the workplace I’m sure.

  • chuggin mccoffee

    ha ha, this is another spy type gadget, though I am impressed that you can upload all of that to your computer. Modern James Bond?

  • Questnet

    I wonder who will use this spy gadget?
    Thanks for sharing.:)

  • Chad@assurance hypothĂ©caire quĂ©bec

    Hi, I like this cool gadget. Maybe if I have this I can feel that I am like a real detective or a spy agent from a movie, cause this ball pen with camcorder is truly high tech.. Thank you for sharing this cool gadget..

  • klip izle

    I wonder what is the price

    Thanks for sharing

  • Vcam

    This looks like a cool gadget. I’ve seen this in movies but didn’t know they actually existed.

  • Blaine A Dunning

    My question is has anybody ever used this? If you did, what kind of results did you have.

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