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Cellphone Booster and Extenders – Get Reception Anywhere

PinExt Cellphone Booster and Extenders – Get Reception Anywhere

cellphone booster Cellphone Booster and Extenders – Get Reception Anywhere

How many times has it happened to you that you are walking down the street and you come across someone who has a cell phone in his hand? Quite often, hasn’t it? Well, cell phones have been one of the greatest inventions of the modern age, and they are so necessary for the most of us, yet they have so many problems associated with these new gadgets.

One of the most prominent problems with cell phones is that at times one finds it really difficult to catch a signal, here tools like the cell phone range extender come in handy. This amazing piece of technology enables you to access your signal even if the reception in that area is not particularly great.

You find yourself standing next to the window, or climbing up the roof at times to get the signal, even if supposedly cell phones are mobile and better than your normal landlines.

Now, one of the most useless products that the companies have created over the years to boost your cell phone strength is the sticky strip of foil that sticks to your cell phone, which are usually worthless and end up getting dumped in the trash. You will find so many online stores giving these to you for free, because they deserve to be given away free, yet the cell phone signal booster is not like that and helps in improving the signal tremendously.

Cell phone booster is basically a wireless signal extender that is very easy to set up, use and mount at your place. It works in homes with multiple rooms and floors, just place it near a window and it’ll extend your signal to every corner of your home. The whole kit is easy to use and comes with everything you need to give your cell phone a boost.


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  • SomeAudioGuy

    Man I need one of these.
    Sprint has the best plan I’ve ever seen, but some of the worst coverage in my area. Over a two year contract, I think I could pay one of these off…

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  • RnB-Radio-Addict

    well it might look like a gr8 advantage… but considering that cellphones might harm children this might harm children even more… well dunno… at least its good if you are somewhere away from big cities and still need your cellphone where the connection is bad…(sorry 4 bad english, i am from germany)

  • Chelle

    Man does my mom ever need one of these…anytime i go to her place my phone gets terrible reception! You might have just helped me figure out a good xmas present for them! (even if it is way too early to be thinking about xmas!)

  • A. Georgiev

    Hello, I think this is very useful gadged. On my village I always lost signal and when I must call for something really important I must climb to the roof of the house and this is not very pleasant. Thanks for the great option that you give me and for the interesting article.

  • prestamos personales

    I wonder if they’ll make them in different colors for boys and girls, lol. By the way, I love your blue design…

  • Alex

    a friend of mine really needs this one!) it is always hard to get him when he is in his livingroom. also would need one for myself, in case i decide to go somewhere for a picnick.) btw, does the power of the signal double if i have 2-3 turned on? i’d buy a couple then..)

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  • wholesale cellphone

    its useful where I can find this? bestbuy?

  • Cell Phone Wholesale

    We do sell products like this one. Just take a look at Thanks.

  • Hipolito M. Wiseman

    Cool post!! Im a techie geek lol… Im glad I found your blog. Im hope to be a regular visitor.

  • ibooster

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