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Choose Your Fave Color for the Toilet seat

PinExt Choose Your Fave Color for the Toilet seat

colorful toilet Choose Your Fave Color for the Toilet seat

Our favourite color can reflect our personality. You can choose your favourite cloth, bag, and even cellphone color that you love to reflect your personality. Well, how about you customize the toilet seat? It’s not common to choose the toilet color, but if it’s available in  market, why not? It’s not essential but nice to have.

But there are 2 main obstacles to have this colorful toilet. First, the price is really really expensive, it’s 156,450 Yen ($ 1365) just for 1 seat! But it’s Japanese technology toilet, so It has the autoflush, water shower to clean up the dirty butt, even the toilet seat heater! If you visited Japan before, you will love with Japanese toilet. When I visited Japan few years ago, there are also “melody” button that play water flushing sound. It’s a real creative idea to go green and saves water!

What color do you prefer? I love the baby pink and light blue color, like the cutiegadget’s theme icon smile Choose Your Fave Color for the Toilet seat But the light green color also looks cool and I really love it. For people who love minimalism, the gray and black color looks good for your bathroom too. Just don’t forget to buy matching toilet goodies, and it should fit to your wall’s color too.


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  • Kaboom Never Scrub Refill

    LOL. I like the different colors but the shape alone makes this a wierd toilet IMO. These days it seems that you can customize and personalize and more and things and now I see this wow.

  • soft toilet seat

    stay on the safe side when out in public

    use the disposable tiolet seat covers

  • Jimmy – Toilet seat hinges

    There are toilet seats with almost any color available these days, some people even design and hand decorate their own toilet seats to match the decor of the bathroom which I think is quite funny.

  • Toilet

    I like the orange personally, but I don’t know if any of these seats would work in my bathroom….

  • The_mother_and_baby

     I like all the colours, but it is really hard to choose one of them. Maybe I change the colour when I decorate my bathroom.

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