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Crayola Colorful Children Keyboard

PinExt Crayola Colorful Children Keyboard

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Today internet is really important for everyone. Just imagine that in future Internet will really important, and we cannot live without internet and computer near us. That’s why we have to introdcuce computer to children at their early age. However, the regular keyboard that have small keys and boring design will turn they off. We have to make the computer more attractive for children.

That’s why Crayola begin to make another electronics for kids. Last year, we reviewed about Crayola Digital Camera, and this year Crayola release the Cute and Colorful Keyboard for Children. This keyboard has bigger keys, colorful color and easy to use compared to regular keyboard. This keyboard price is just $19.99, same as the regular keyboard. A Great Computer Accessory for Children!

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  • Andrew Thomas

    Very Attractive Keyword with colors. Children would surely like that. Think to buy one for my kids.

  • TS

    So true about the internet. I need to get that keyboard for my business partner. His little girl is already destroying his keyboard.

  • lapltop covers

    I am wondering if there is anyone here who has bought one for his son/daughter and how kids like it. I am sure they will prefer this one compared to the regular ones that we use but is there any other advantage this keyboard?

  • Matt

    Cool keyboard for kids. It is important that kids today are technologically savvy. It seems that my eight year old can already do more things on cell phones and computers than I can. This keyboard could inspire them to learn more.

  • Cuteek

    Let’s forget about the kids for a minute. I want this keyboard! Great find! This would definately inject even more fun into my time spent online..

    By the way it’s great to come by your blog again, and I am still interested in link exchange. I have moved url over to as I have had problems with wordpress and bugs….I will add you now if you are interested? There is still a bit of maintenance going on as I move everything over but most is there.

    Thank you fellow gadget fan
    :) cuteek :)

  • CutieGadget

    Hi Cuteek, I’m interested, because our blog are related :) Just check out on the sidebar, I have added you too :)

    I’m sorry that your blog is moving due too the wordpress hacker. I wish your dashboard can be accessed again and can live again :)

  • ErgoDirect

    This is a great idea with only one flaw – standard keyboards are on the outs so if anything we should be getting children used to “ergonomic” input devices at an early age. This way they become accustomed to the way these products work and feel more comfortable using them than someone who has to make the switch.

  • awundrin

    This is great—the colors will make the kids love to use it!

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