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Cute and durable Kids Digital Camera for christmas gift

PinExt Cute and durable Kids Digital Camera for christmas gift

kids digital camera Cute and durable Kids Digital Camera for christmas gift

Feeling upset when your kids borrow your digital camera and eventually broke it? Well, christmas is near and your kids will be really happy if you buy them a toys that she/he desire. How about buy them their own digicam even your kid’s age is only 3-6 years old?

I have doing a little research, I found that VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera Cute and durable Kids Digital Camera for christmas gift is the best Digicam for Kids! It has LCD Screen, Flash, 16 Mb Memory and can be expanded with SD Card, photo editing software, 3 preschooler games. Even it’s just 0.3 Megapixel resolution, this is should be fine for them as this Kids digital camera is really tough and durable. They just love to shoot photo and review that photo that being taken!

kids digicam Cute and durable Kids Digital Camera for christmas gift

The reviews is amazon is really positive too, it got 4.5 from 5 stars. The buyer said that the camera is really durable (even their kids thrown and dropped it several times), the control are really easy, they won’t borrow their parent’s camera again and of course they LOVE it!

VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera sold at $49.99 but if you think that this kids camera is too expensive, how about the Cutie Crayola Digital Camera that sold at $33.99?

buy now Cute and durable Kids Digital Camera for christmas gift

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  • Dallas

    Thats a cool camera. I need that for my son, since he’s always trying to play with my real one.

  • Better

    I think this camera is nice but what about the PSP games console do you guys have an alternative for thet as the kids often took the PSP console and can spoil i completely.

  • Paul

    I’ve just bought this for my son, but I told that the 2007 version has better quality lcd and output. I love the idea of Ben starting photography so soon. Get to see what he finds interesting enough to photograph.

  • Stephanie Dow

    My daughter has one of these in pink. I don’t think we get enough use out of it actually saving the pictures to the computer but for those that are more into this idea it really is a great toy.


  • Digital LCD TV

    OH !I agree with all the other one star reviews. BUT my views fall at other side. This camera is the worst. We also bought it thinking it would be low quality, but good enough for a child. Not so. The pictures are horribly blurry and are the washed-out orange that another reviewer mentioned. The quality was shockingly poor even for a child’s product. On the bright side, it’s a great opportunity to teach your children about advertising, disappointment, etc. For example, the packaging is fairly engaging–makes it look fun and interesting–but it’s SO not. Price is not always a dead giveaway, but in this case, it was the first clue. You can also talk to your children about the importance of doing research before you buy a product, buying only from a source where you can get your money back if not satisfied and saving the receipt. It can also transition into a savings lesson as well, because a good camera will cost around three times as much.VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera

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  • Ay

    There is a pink version of the camera, that’s in my daughter’s Christmas Presents list!

  • Cynthia Whyard

    Somethimes I like solely to go my personal way

  • çelik kapı

    oww very cute. i will buy for my child.

  • jelly

    Cutie gadgets is very nice for kids.They were developing thier talent,and expressing their feelings even through there playing camera for your home is also the best stuff to install in your home for the safety of your properties and you family.

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