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Cute and Sexy Lingerie Bra Phone Strap

PinExt Cute and Sexy Lingerie Bra Phone Strap

lingerie phone strap Cute and Sexy Lingerie Bra Phone Strap

Maybe this is the Sexiest Phone Strap ever Made (but not the Cutest, there are more cuter phone strap than this one). This Kawaii Phone Strap ‘Bra’ called Erokawa, it’s the Acronime of ‘Erotic and KAwaii’ (means Erotic and Cute). The Purple color makes this accesory looks sensual, but also cute.

This is a funny Cellphone Accessory to wear, if the users are girls. But if the users are boys, maybe they will called ‘Maniac’ and make the girls get away. It’s cute, but you need to use appropriately icon smile Cute and Sexy Lingerie Bra Phone Strap

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  • Luxury Lingerie Shopping

    Hey nice about lingerie. I imagine how girls will be looking so hot wearing the one above in the picture.

  • lingerie

    Maybe this is the Sexiest Phone Strap ever Made (but not the Cutest, there are more cuter phone strap than this one)

  • LugNut

    Wow that is very sexy… where do I get my hands on one?

  • lingerie nut

    in what cup sizes is it available in? hehe. those are really cute.

  • Mike

    Wow this one’s cute. Especially the color. My wife will like this. I’ll get one for her.

  • adguru

    You need to be bold enough to display a bra as your phone strap. I think I should buy one for showing it to my friends as a unique stuff. Thanks for this nice post pal.

  • squeem

    Nice bra in the picture!

  • sophie

    Really this is so cute, you need to be a bit brave to display but I think its a nice little gift idea

    Thank You for that

  • Underwear

    When is comes to wearing sexy lingerie, women need to be aware of their body type and how it applies to what they wear. Most women have certain things they like about their body and other things that they don’t like. Whether you like it or not, this is just a fact of life.

  • Kuhmillion

    Hah! Very cute.

  • Jesse Lemay

    Beautiful lingerie you have there.

  • Sexy Lingerie

    Very cute little bra… would actually be quite nice human-sized too!

  • Nightwear for Women

    Amusing – can it fit on a Barbie Doll ?

  • sexy lingerie

    That’s a fun item. Some women are real lingerie mainacs. This is definitely a great item for their purse. Not too kinky, a little bit classy too.

  • Plus Size

    Nice color and cute one..!

  • Sandy

    I’m a little confused by this product lol

  • La Lingerie

    wow.!! that nice really nice about lingerie.

  • Elegant Seduction

    That is really cute and creative, would love to sell those in the store!

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