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cute stylish phone Cute and Stylish Phones

Cellular phone or mobile phone now becoming main needs of modern people, bring mobile phone is likely become wearing clothes. Mobile phone has becoming a part of fashion and trends. So many mobile phone producer starts to make unique phone to satisfy their customer, especially girls..

These unique mobile phones maybe have a regular form but in a stylish colors and chasing. But these days producer are develop several mobile phone with definitely unique form. If you are a collector this must be good news for you, or if you are not really a collector you can start to collect these cute phones. You can also buy this kind of mobile phone as a gift. For example is a Santa Clause phone, get a Christmas spirit within this Santa Clause phone. This phone is shaped in Santa Claus corded phone; with only 12 you can get this cute phone. Another awful example is phone shaped in form of a Soda Cup. Just wonder after you drunk a cup of soda in a fast food restaurant then you use it to call people. With only $18 USD you can make your friends laugh with this silly phone.

It would be nice for girl if they can have gadget with unique or cute packaging and form, moreover this can gratify the collectors. So if you interested just explore trough the internet and find more unique phones.


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  • cohnsey

    How do you hear out of that thing?

  • Cha | Lawn Care Business for Sale

    The gadjet is really cute? How can I purchase it? Or where can I buy it?

  • kritinia

    honestly it took some seconds to realize that this is not a cup for kids :)

  • Chelle

    Wow, that is cute…but also pretty silly! I don’t think I could use a phone shaped like a soda cup without laughing!

  • eblog

    Great, thanks!

  • phone jammer

    great post!

  • morgan&annie. :)

    that phone be all crazy. its fantabulousss. (we’re cheerleaders) lol.

  • youth games

    very nice shape, thanks a lot, Iam weighting for your new…

  • Destiny Brown

    Nowadays since mobile phones are proving to be a necessity in human being’s life so why not a minimum boost up for the children! Nice idea to offer mobile phones in a different format to kids. They can also learn the importance of the same! I think the color combo as well as the shape will definitely attract kids!

  • Hannahn

    I dont get the point of that phone….My friend has it and hates it… Seems like a pretty crapy phone if you ask me….Also like a pretty big waste of money…So in a sum up its a crappy phone that you don’t .. or didnt even need to bother making! just saying

  • Dotthecat

    ehhh nothing new really. 20 Years ago my dad sold a phone that looked like a 7UP can to somebody.

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