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Cute Apple TV (Non Apple Mac)

PinExt Cute Apple TV (Non Apple Mac)

apple tv Cute Apple TV (Non Apple Mac)

Forget About Apple Mac Goodies for while, this post won’t tell you anything about iTV or the Apple Mac Related Gadget. This 10 inch Television is shaped (Actually covered, but the cover is blended with the Television) like The Red Apple, the Apple that we usually love to eat.

This LCD TV also have the antenna which looks like the part of Apple: a stem with two green leaf. Just See the picabove, that’s really funny! There are speakers too in the Apple’s door.

apple tv 2 Cute Apple TV (Non Apple Mac)

The size of the TV and the apple cover is looks really big for 10 inch TV. It’s cute, but you have to spend $399.99 for just a tiny sized TV.

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  • Terry

    Wow, it even looks good enough to eat. I liked themed products though, it goes with my sense of whacky style. Red apple TV, in a red room, with a red carpet…

  • Columbus Talayumptewa

    That is a handy article, really easy for you to read carefully. Thanks for spending time for you to write about your own opinions.

  • Aaron K.

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