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Choosing a name for your cat can be challenging because the name will remain for the rest of your cat’s life. There are many factors that influence people in naming their cats. Appearance, sound and how cat plays are among factors that influence people in naming their cat. If you do not want to be confused in finding the appropriate name for your cat, you can find various cute cat names for your cat at Cute provides.

There are more than a hundred cat names that you can find on this website. There are several unique names that will be perfect for your Persian cat on this website such as Bala, Farang and Meow. Although perhaps there have been many cats out there that using names listed on this website, I think it is still alright to use one of the cat names on this website. Besides providing you with cute cat name, this website also provides you with articles about cat such as how to caring your cat, information on cat anatomy, the appropriate foods for cat, etc.

If you want a more unique name for your cat, you can combine two cat names for your cat or name your cat with the name of famous people such as Jay Z, Beyonce, or else.



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  • Web Designer Company Lucknow

    hey hi ur article was awesome for me n cat name is to much good..

  • Pete

    I find whatever you call your cat they will grow into that name.

  • groupon clone script

    haha! this is good article for me and my cute cat. thanks….

  • Lukas Brisman

    Hehe everything is so sweet on this blog :)

  • Only The Essentials

    When I named my new rescued kitty I just thought she sat like a princess. So I went to the internet and looked for names that had to do with princesses. I loved the name I found. Chasca, an Incan Goddess who was the Patron Goddess of Princesses. How cool is that?

  • Austin

    I took my inspiration from the Audrey hepburn film of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The character she plays has a big ginger cat who she just calls ‘Cat’. So that’s what I called mine – if it’s good enough for Audrey hepburn it’ll do for me!

  • Anonymous

    good article for me and my cute cat. thank u

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