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Cute Cell Phone for Girls

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Japanese Cellphone Kids

This is not a cellphone or smartphone for teenager girls at 13-18 years old, but this Cute Cellphone is made for children around 6 to 9. This is a cell phone for kids to be exact. The look is just like T-Mobile Sidekick Mobile Phone but it’s designed with more little girl girly color and it’s still monochrome, not have color display just like cellphone these days.

This Cute Japanese Kids Mobile Phone is produced by Bandai, and it’s called Bandai Smartberry. This Phone has very nice abilities that (little) girls will love. Exchange business cards, characteristic via blood type (Oh yeah, Japanese people really belief that a person’s blood type really represent personality), send email with photo, chat and many more.


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  • Speaking Opportunities

    Really it is nice cell phone for kids..

  • Hannah

    i can see why its for kids but i still really want it!!!

  • Donna Harris

    Cell phone is very important for everyone’s life. It is the part of communication. These cell phones are is best for girls. It has very nice abilities which you want. You can send email with photo, chat and many more by this phone. This Cute Japanese Kids Mobile Phone is looks awesome and one of the best gadget. I love this phone.

  • sabrina

    hey people go to shyannes part this friday

  • kiki

    this phone is stupid like it does not have a proper screen either who would want this crap and if you do you are a bum and disney could make a better phone than this i know cause i checked

  • Kira

    it is a kawaii phone!!!!!!!!! hehehe i want one :P lol whre can i gt one??

  • Lemuel Zeldin

    I’m having a bit of a problem . I would like to buy myself a decent unlocked phone and can’t make up my mind on which phone to pick. First of all, i am considering the Nokia E71, because my friend has one. It appears quite durable, and everything seemed good, but i began researching others. Now my biggest dilemma is to choose between the Nokia E71 and the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD 8GB. All advice is welcome.

  • bag321

    Really good for children. Mobile phones.

  • Diehendrick

    its very nice phone like sidekick,

    come to my blog review

  • cheyenne cherrone

    this ugly lol

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