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Cute Mini USB fridge

PinExt Cute Mini USB fridge

mini fridge usb 300x270 Cute Mini USB fridge

You like to stay long in front of your computer for playing games, browsing, chatting or doing your home work? If yes, you might like this product. Product that will make you stay even longer in front of your computer. Sometimes if you are staying long enough in front of your computer, you will like something to drink, something cold. But if you are in the middle of something, you might not get the cold drink immediately.

Now with the USB mini fridge, you can keep your beverage cold right beside your computer. With the power of USB you will get fridge with the temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. You do not need any external power supply to make this stuff works, all you have to have is simply USB port.

This mini fridge can be connected to all USB ports from all devices, like MAC, PC, Xbox 360, Play Station and even cable boxes. This mini fridge can only contain 1 can soda or beer (that is why this stuff called mini fridge). The price that you have to expense is not too expensive, only with $32.99 you can have one of this stuff right beside your computer to chill your can of beer or soda.

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  • Accounts jobs

    So cute mini fridge! its really useful. i stay for 16 to 17 hours infornt of this worth for me? I am thinking….

  • cohnsey

    i like the idea for this product but that fridge is too small. you cant really fit anything in there.

  • Buy Verizon Ringtones

    This is perfect for me, I work in front of the computer like 14 hours a day and I always have to get up to get drinks, thanks Cutie!

  • govedus

    this fridge can be good for snus, this is swedish tabbacco :)

  • dimkafred

    Really amazing thing!Cool thing for coolest drinks!

  • Game Economy

    Cool (literally) to have by the side of your desk. Funny how the stock image is of a soda can, but let’s be honest…I’d bet that 99% of these mini fridges are stocked with beer. :)

  • Call of Duty World at War

    Neat product. What don’t they have as usb powered? :D

  • Grumble

    That looks so handy! I hate it when I’m concentrating on something and forget about my drink so it gets warm!

  • thealoys

    very innovative and so cutie. i like it..

  • Stewart

    I think it is a good idea providing you only want to keep cans inside, if you want to drink a bottle of beer it seems to lack the required height, so are out of luck.

  • bakhtiar ibrahim

    I want to buy this gadget
    How ca I get it?

  • xbox repair guy

    Wow, I never realized that I needed a mini-fridge next to the computer until seeing this. Definitely a cool gadget.

  • Zion Hale

    When will this magnificent plan roll over to AT&T?

  • Same As this USB Beverage Chiller

    It seem this got the same idea with the USB Beverage Chiller I had seen. But this one is cute. Like this more

  • Beer Pong Rules

    That’s pretty cool. I definitely have to get one of those for when I play beer pong ..

  • Benedict Mckeane

    I was searching for a repair manual for my 2 year old xbox when I found your site. Great post. Thank You.

  • Fridge Freezers

    Ha really like this, would be a perfect addition to my work station, may have to invest in one of these. Bet it would be talking point in my office. Nice chilled can of coke would do perfect at the end of the day

  • mini portable fridge

    cool! this is what i need.

    i always stay in front of computer, and i can save my soft drink to this

  • free shaiya gold

    I’m pretty new to BlogEngine and noticed that a number of your other readers have different avatars. Any idea as to how I can change mine? Is it possible to put a custom one?

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