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Cutie Gadget is Now Do Follow (Again)!

PinExt Cutie Gadget is Now Do Follow (Again)!

Hi to all bloggers and Cutie Gadget reader,

After my blog was featured in Courtney Tuttle’s D list blogger, I have lots of comments in every post, especially the new posts. I’m quite happy back then, but then I become upset because there are lots of spammy comments in my blog. That’s it, 2 month ago, I turned off the do follow plugin and remove the do follow badge.

However, I still receive many comments in my blog, even my blog post is not worth for commenting. I see that they want the backlinks, for the only PR2 Tech and Gadget blog (was PR4 back then). As the blogger, I also know that is really hard to build backlinks. So, I just feeling guilty when I see there are still lots of comments but some of them don’t know if they are not given any backlinks anymore. And my blog are still listed in Courtney’s D-list…

Now, after consider many things, I turned the Do Follow Plugin again! *Drum Roll* Bloggers, just feel free to comment here, you will get backlinks you desired icon wink Cutie Gadget is Now Do Follow (Again)! . However,I really HATE Spammy comments, so every week (or twice a week) I will sweep and delete the spammy comments but acceptable by Akismet, here is the spammy comments for me:

- Having too Many Links outside. One link at the Name field is enough! I will consider if you put another links in the comments as long it’s just ONE link and relevant both to the comments and the post
- Promotional Anchor Text at Name Field. Use you OWN NAME. Nickname is acceptable, but I really HATE it if you place the product name/ keyword as the anchor text.
- One Liner Comments. Just look spammy.
- “Me Too” Comments. Usually one liner too.

Now, as I turn the do follow plugin again, I think I have to clean up the spammy comments a little. Remember, comments are ok, and you will be rewarded by Backlinks. But Please read Cutie Gadget Guideline and don’t create another spammy comments!


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  • Faraz Ahmed

    YAY! my first comment here, thanks a lot for making your blog dofollow again.

    Seriously its cause of generous bloggers like you that give us n00bs a chance in SERPs.

    I’ll be visiting a lot of this blog from now on, one thing I noticed is that you listing a lot of DS products, Im a nintendo fan but own an SP. how about listing some cool SP products :)

  • Faraz Ahmed

    sorry for the double post but did you know that leaving a comment on your blog leads to an error, here is the error message I got after pressing the submit button:

    Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) in /home/.zeze/cowy/ on line 544

    Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: A link to the server could not be established in /home/.zeze/cowy/ on line 544
    Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) on line: 544[/quote]

  • CutieGadget

    Yeah, I know I also get that message when I want to post. It’s horrible, but too bad I cannot fix it :( However,even the message show, the comments are approved.

  • KC Kim

    Nice blog I found it through the GadgetVenue Top 100 Gadget blogs. I’ll definately read more about your blog when I get a chance.

  • Missy Monroe

    Well this nofollow/dofollow dilemma is going to go on for a lot longer. At the end of the day if your able to grab comments do to your dofollow, what is most important in my option is going to be if the comment is autoposted or an actual user writes it.

    Think of it like this. The longer I sit her and type on your blog the longer it looks to be on the blog. User data is becoming a lot more important and will continue to do so. . . .so I think if you get someone to post meaningful content and spend time on your site. . . then your good to go.

  • TinaS

    I think it is good that you re-enabled the do-follow plugin. As long as people are leaving relevant content and not just spamming it adds to the content of your sight in a couple ways. First for your readers it adds more thoughts and opinions for them to consider. Second in terms of optimizing your blog for search engines you are getting free relevant content to update your pages.

  • Nines

    Guilt is a great way to do the right thing for other people. If you truly do not want a lot of comments on your site, you should not think twice about removing them. If you like your blog and it brings you enjoyment, that alone should be good enough. If you are trying to monetize your work, well, having a lot of comments can have some great benefits that you probably are not even aware of. I know you problem all too well however.

  • dombu

    I really appreciated your decision to open “do follow” again, mostly for newbie like me. Thank you, I’am ready to learn many things from your blog.


  • Wazzup Manila

    I comment, yes I admit to get backlinks. But I don’t comment just on any blog post. I have to write a comment which is relevant to the post and of interest to readers. Otherwise I just pass.

    To keep the spam low use a spam plugin it helps alot. Also just add spammers to the spam database coz they deserve it.


  • Rocky

    Really very happy to know that you have turned on the do-follow link on this blog. It will certainly helpful for all the bloggers.

  • Dragonfire

    Glad to see another blogger that is using the dofollow. Too many blogs now have the nofollow, which is a shame because while there are plenty of spammers, there are also those users who genuinely enjoy the blogs.

  • RT Cunningham


    I put a direct link to the page where I talk about adding blogs to my own do follow list. You blog is now on the page it links to, which is in my right sidebar under “Reader Appreciation”. Thanks for turning it back on.

  • Theo

    Well, I just consider it fair to not use nofollow. The blogger gets content and more important users that come back to look at the discussion, so its just fair to get a real link…

  • cohnsey

    Sweet news. Thanks for doing that. Great blog btw

  • Gill

    It’s really good idea to make do follow blog. It attracts more visitors and forced to comment something.
    Anyway thanks for nice idea.

  • Tony

    Having read Coutney Tuttles post on the subject, I’ve just installed the dofollow plugin on my site – I think it makes sense. Google must have started this whole backlink thing with the best of intentions, but I think it’s become a nightmare. It would surely be better if you could spend your time writing good content for your site, but instead you have to spend most of your time getting backlinks, or else nobody will see your content anyway.

    I like the site btw – how about a review of the new home laser hair removal system (does that count as a gadget?).

  • Matt

    It’s always a mixed emotion when deciding to become a do-follow site. Unfortunately, Page Rank seems to control the minds of most bloggers and can either make or break a website. Thanks for being a do-follow :-)

  • Car Body Kit

    Hay,I like your posting friend and i would like to link exchange with your blog if you want.this is my blog Car Body Kit And also dont forget to come.i will happy if you come .Good bye friend

  • Cazare in Bucuresti

    The problem with do-follow is people will spam. If a blog is good enough then the blog owner wont need to have do-follow because people will comment to put their point of view accross, not to gain a back link.

    The BBC is a perfect example of this. There are no links in the forums and blogs, yet they have many users.

    However, when a blog is starting and it wants to get a upper hand, their is no harm in attracting people who want do-follow links, because some will become hooked, so even if you change to no-follow, people will still comment.

  • ???? ????

    Really very happy to know that you have turned on the do-follow link on this blog. It will certainly helpful for all the bloggers.

  • ashton dietrick

    Very useful information . Thanks for sharing. Many people have similar situations in their lives.

  • abah amin

    Thank you for the chance given to the newbie internet marketer, I know that it’s very difficult for us to get backlinks from the high page rank websites. Unless they are willing to share like you.

  • aaa

    No it’s not true i check it in pagesource it is still “external nofollow”.

  • CutieGadget

    Yes, now it’s Nofollow now, because I’m tired with the amount of spam comments who want to get backlinks.
    Please read
    for more details

  • vistamaroc

    this is realy ammazing think you very much for making it do follow i will try to make my blog do follow too !!

  • Clyde

    Thanks for making this a dofollow it is really hard to get backlinks and it Zimbabwe Houses For Sale will help a lot of peeps with SEO

  • cindy

    i agree that spammer are very annoying, i also need a day to take care my blog from unreponsible comment

  • Nagarmero

    Must moderate strict to make blog comments spam free.

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