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Nice Design!

I love Cutie Gadget Design!

What Themes do you use for this blog?

Many of CutieGadget readers not only love the content, but the design as well. Not only cute and adorable, CutieGadget also deliver clean, fast loading, and neat design that makes people enjoy reading our content. That’s why, lots of people keep asking me whether I’m the one who do the design or who is the designer who makes such beautiful yet functional design.

Actually, I’m not the one who designed it. And I also don’t have much budget to hire designer to design the site. That’s why I begin search to the best premium wordpress themes that suits my need. It should be affordable, have good design, clean interface, customizable, and have good SEO structure so my site can get better ranking.

I search HUNDREDS (Yes, I’m not joking) of Themes, but they don’t suit my needs. Most of premium themes has poor SEO Structure even the design is really cool. The loading times of the themes are very long. As the result, the site become really slow, the user complains, and it also get worse rank in Search Engine.

I also almost buy thesis themes because they are a really good SEO friendly Premium Themes. However, the price is too expensive for me, the $87 for single license is beyond my budget. Most premium themes price is below $50, and I believe I can get better theme at that price. I must admit, thesis is really powerful, but you need to have good skill of design and a little bit coding to unleash its true potential. They only provide plain looking theme and let the user customize the theme themselves. Because I’m not a good designer and can’t code, I need theme that have already good base design, then I only need to customize the color and header.

After months of searching, I finally found this Platformate themes from ColorLabs project. It’s priced $50 but I get 30% off coupon code and I get the great deal just for $35. Platformate theme really suits my needs. It has clean and good design, fast loading, and good SEO structure too. They provide good basis design, and I only need to change the color and logo to make it unique and cute. I also don’t need to edit CSS, they provide special admin panel to do it!

Ok, here is the screenshot taken from Cutie Gadget admin panel icon wink Cutie Gadget Themes

platformate option Cutie Gadget Themes

I like the admin panel because it’s simple but yet customizable. As you see, I can change the them color without editing the css. With simple color combination research, I can find the best color combination for my site. That’s why I can edit the interface to Christmas theme in no time.

cutiegadget xmas Cutie Gadget Themes

There are also some other features that make readers love to read here. First, there is easy drag and drop widget so I can arrange the sidebar to make Cutie Gadget easy to navigate. I also love the sidebar category preview (on the right side) so I can give preview to most popular categories in Cutie Gadget. It really useful for reading experience to our user, and I’m really happy this feature is included

For more information, check out ColorLabs Project and choose Platformate Themes

And if you interested, you can use special coupon code C5CE0 to get 30% discount off to any themes you like.

platformate 200 Cutie Gadget Themes

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