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A bit of topic. Now I don’t talk about gadget for today. But talk about another componen in this domain: Cutie. Cutie usually Defined as a Beautiful Cute Girls, and people say they are Cutie Girl. Just like Gadgets, Girls around the world who can be defined Cute is Japanese Girls. Enjoy these Cutie and Beautiful girls Picture.

Updated: Because this page is quite popular and a lot of people interested with this Cute girls‘ name, I decide to update this page and do some extensive research about these girls. Not only getting their name, I also get more Cute Cosplay girl pictures. If you like this page, please support us by like us using facebook, twitter or google+ icon smile Cutie Girl Cosplay

1. Arisa Mizuhara

Curious about who is the cute girl dressed in Suzumiya Haruhi costume in the pic below? (There are so many people asking about her name anyway) Her name is Arisa Mizuhara.  She’s one of the best cosplayer in Japan and the world. She also really passionate about cosplay, that’s why she always make the cosplay costume herself! Not only attending events as a professional cosplayer, she also designing and selling her own cosplay costume. Below is the picture of Arisa Mizuhara I found on the Arisa personal website

haruhi cutie 266x300 Cutie Girl Cosplay

This is Arisa dressed in Suzumiya Haruhi, a really cute and Bossy girl in Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi anime. Even he’s really bossy and sometimes annoying, she’s a loveable girl. That’s why many Otaku boys love Haruhi. Haruhi fans, you may also interested in This Haruhi Paper models. The full picture can be download here

cute girls 200x300 Cutie Girl Cosplay

Another version of Suzumiya Haruhi cosplay: Haruhi in Bunny suit version. Again, Arisa was played a really good job here! She looks really cute in this picture!

cute asuka evangelion cosplay Cutie Girl Cosplay

Have you ever imagine how cute Asuka (from Evangelion anime) in real life? Then you found it here In this photo shoot, this cute girl Arisa Mizuhara cosplaying as Sooryu Asuka Langley (or Shikinami Asuka Langley in the newest version of Evangelion).

2. Kipi

The second cute girl featured in this page is called Kipi. She is a really famous Japanese cosplay and she’s been attended some International Cosplay events. She has TONS of fans around the world, and there are lots of fan who create a page just for this cute cosplay girl. Just like Arisa, Kipi always make her own costume by herself. She also love to share the process of costume-making in her blog. For more picture and information about Kipi, just go to her blog here.

cute girl cosplay 206x300 Cutie Girl Cosplay

This is Kipi cosplaying as Misa Amane, Raito Yagami’s girlfriend from Death Note anime. This anime is a really big hit in Japan, and lots of girl trying to represent Misa Amane in cosplay costume. With Kipi’s cute face and her skill on creating beautiful and detailed costume, she really did a wonderful job and I have to admit that this is the best Misa Amane cosplay ever!

Chii cute cosplay 199x300 Cutie Girl Cosplay

This is also Kipi in Chii (from Chobits anime) costume. She’s a real kawaii girl ^^

cosplay cutie 300x225 Cutie Girl Cosplay

This is Kipi in one of her cosplay cosplay costume, although I don’t really know what cosplay this girl playing ^^.Anyway because she’s a natural cute girl, she looks cute even she use some smokey eyes make up.

cutie girl 300x225 Cutie Girl Cosplay

This is also Kipi in her casual dress. Even she’s not cosplaying, she’s look cute as she is!

Do you love this Cute cosplay pictures? If you love the pictures, please drop some comments below and tell us which cute girl picture you like icon smile Cutie Girl Cosplay

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  • Aiko

    I know the girl in the first pictures we are both cosplay models and best friends

  • CutieGadget

    Hi Aiko,
    your friend’s cosplay is really great! I bet your cosplay is great too, you and your friend is professional cosplayer, don’t you? If you want your cosplay picture to be displayed here, just send me the link of the pictures. I will post as soon as you give me the link :)

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  • Luis

    the girl dressed like Suzumiya Haruhi is really cute. She even looks like a real anime girl. Can you email me more pictures or at least tell me her name? Thanks

  • D.J.

    I really appreciate this. Excellent

  • Emily

    Great post, thanks for the info

  • Beautiful Girls | phuis

    I think are cute girls, of course!!

  • Tavo

    Is really beautiful

  • jack

    Very cute. Made me smile, which hasn’t happened in a while=)


    Japanesse Cosplay it’s great.. :)

  • geomar cahayag

    andy cute!!!

  • Topgaer_tpg

    me too!

  • Prajwalkathmandu

    Cutest girl there is

  • Ahlem1tatu

    cute and lovely

  • Ikuto Tsukiyomi

    wat is her name?she is very cute,lovely,nd beautiful

  • Erin_keith09

    i like this

  • Erin_keith09

    cutest girl!!!

  • Dinisha_shrestha

    swettesstt gurl..

  • Cheap Bags

    Super Cute Girl

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