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CutieGadget Dreamhost Review and Coupon

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If you want to know, Webhost we have already using to keep CutieGadget and other Cowy Network Blog up (Paper Modelz, The Powerpoint Templates, and Cowizm).. is a great Host called Before I use dreamhost, I use cheap but terrible local host at just $12 a year (YES- A YEAR!) And Guess what?? There are lots of downtime when I run CutieGadget, lack of service, so called unlimited space and bandwitch but in fact they limit my site! I also only can host 1 domain or I have to buy their premium Host, Eeek!! What a nasty marketing trick! Because my site down more than 50 times for several month, I even get sandboxed by Google. Because I get sanboxed, I hardly get traffics and never make money with that host. I get a few, below $10 a month and that’s why it doesn’t even reach minimum payment.

Then I look for another Host, the high capacity web hosting. When I go check out the Best Webhosting Review, the good host charge me more than US$ 100 which I cannot afford. Then, I go to forum and there are so much people offer Dreamhost coupon code, which give $50 off. The 1 year plan is charged $119, and when I use the code, I only need to pay $69. That’s why I try Dreamhost at first time, The Price is good and the feature looks like. It has some bad review, but 95% rest the review for dreamhost is positive, so I give it a try.

Now I use Dreamhost more than 1 year, in a second year actually. With more than 5000 Unique Visitors a day (combined from several blogs) I have never experience problem with Dreamhost. No downtime, no crash, and my site always up (Well, at least I have NEVER see my blogs down at the time I check it. except when I play with WordPress code, broke the code, the web down for a minute.. but HEY, it was MY fault, not Dreamhost Fault! icon smile CutieGadget Dreamhost Review and Coupon ) With dreamhost, I can have better earning from Adsense, Chitika, Amazon and another Money maker program. That’s why when my host expire soon, I save up money in Paypal until it’s enough to extend Host in Dreamhost.

In second year, I pay full $119 which is OK for me. When I using Dreamhost, I never get sanboxed again and can host unlimited domain. Other Cowy Network Blog (except CutieGadget) is built when I move to dreamhost and they gain at least 20% Unique Visitor growth. Of course Hosting not the only factor, You also have to add your site with Content, almost EVERY DAY! I have never contact the Support except for the payment (Because I never send a single complain to them) and they are very responsive. Maybe they are responsive because I will send money to them?? lol.

Another things I love about Dreamhost is the Control Panel. At first time, I confused how to do it, because I’m not a tech geek. However, with Dreamhost Tutorial, I managed to move my domain with the step by step instruction. Then, the Dreamhost One Click Install also help me a lot when installing wordpress. I only need to buy the Domain (for domain, I love Godaddy. I stick with the old rule “”) set up the DNS, Create MSQL with just a click, then another click to install WordPress. If you use Fantastico before, Dreamhost One Click Install is a waaaaaaay easier and better.

Ok, I hope you enjoy my Honest Dreamhost review. If you want to get Dreamhost discount like myself, use COCO50 Dreamhost Coupon Code and you will get Whooping $50 discount Dreamhost hosting for the first year. I know there are so many cheaper host, but because Dreamhost satisfy me, I will (still) stick with dreamhost icon smile CutieGadget Dreamhost Review and Coupon It’s much much better than my $12 Hosting.Once again, the Dreamhost Discount Code is COCO50

This post dedicated to Dreamhost, my lovely hosting. Thanks Dreamhost to provide Cowy Network with better home, without you guys, I have never feel how nice is make money online.


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  • Sean Stewart

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been considering Dreamhost but haven’t pulled the plug just yet. I’m going to make it happen now that I can use your coupon code.

  • Bacterial Diseases

    Seems like a really good host. Im looking for a new host which is how I ended up reading your post. Thanks for the info

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  • Gadgets and Gizmos

    dreamhost always has coupons available so before you buy anything from them make sure u google for dreamhost coupon codes

  • Utility trailers

    I use hostmonster, it’s a good host.

  • hyip

    I’ve been using them for a while now (for two sites),
    And i would have to say that there hosting is 2nd to none.
    And the price is unbeatable.
    They offer everything, from SSL to templates,No downtime, no excusses. Just great service, and fast communcation.
    I tried a couple of other hosts before i found Dreamhost,
    and there the best i have found
    I would have to say that i’m a very satisfied…

  • natural cures for yeast infection

    Dreamhost is a good hosting company, i had them for 2 years before trying hostgator out. i think i will go back next payment date. good review

  • Men’s Hoodies

    Ive been using BlueHost and Fasthost for about a year now, and they are the best for me. They allow unlimited domains to be hosted on their web host accounts which is perfect.

  • TitanExs

    Every web hosting companies have their good and bad review I like your its personal and to the point. You have a really nice blog worth visiting again and again :)

  • tom

    Hi , I have found a very good Hostgator offer here:

  • Paolo

    A word advice: Keep Away From Dreamhost! The only way to describe Dreamhosts tech support team is that they are incompetent.

    Dreamhost is the worst hosting company I have ever dealt with. Im responsible for number of websites and by mistake I choose Dreamhost for the newest client (!

    They have disabled my website which is only two weeks old, and it is offline for well over 24hrs because of a security threat!

    Apparently a phishing page was uploaded to the account. After removing the threat they also have disabled the website, which was absolutely unnecessary!

    Their excuse was that the old versions of WordPress, PHPBB, etc. are the common causes for this sort of thing the irony is that I have never used any of them!

    Anyway, I went through the files and told them everything is OK and 10 hrs later came up with a new excuse that our web software itself is the threat and we need to update Joomla. According to them Joomla 1.5.11 has potential vulnerabilities.

    Cut the story short, I have upgraded to Joomla! 1.5.12. and the website is still down! I have submitted a new ticket support over 7 hrs ago and no response yet!

  • Bob

    I have some great DreamHost promo codes here: DH502, DH503, DH504 save $50 plus give you 2, 3 or 4 domain names for free.

  • WiseGuy

    Promo Code: MEGACODEIP
    $50 OFF DreamHost hoting plans + 1 Free Unique IP

    $50 OFF DreamHost hosting plans + 1 Bonus Domain

  • Mens Hoodies

    A few years ago, Dreamhost’s service was great but since last year, they’ve slipped down. I’ve had several billing issues with them and they do not provide adequate customer support. Moreover, their servers are down several hours a month during peak business hours.

    I have already started switching to another host for all my sites. But for large eCommerce sites, this could be quite cumbersome and will affect business.

    My suggestion would be to stay away from them.

  • Hipolito M. Wiseman

    Whats your experience with hyip.Did you got your investment back For me is working great so far. I decided to review hyip You may check it here

  • eWallet

    I use hostgator, too!

  • GoDaddy Promo Code

    me too .. hostgator is awesome! :)

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