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Detect your Aura with This Cute PhoneStrap

PinExt Detect your Aura with This Cute PhoneStrap

aura detector Detect your Aura with This Cute PhoneStrap

Can you read your own aura? I ever see a book that contain training about how to read aura. But, you need to practice continuously and not every one can do it. So, now you can read your own aura with this cute gadget.

This cool gadget called Aura Dama, and the company who produce it is Solid alliance. They preiously produce the 2 most innovative item last year: Baketan Ghost Detector and Yutan Ufo Detector . Cool!! Personally, I really want this gadget! At leat we don’t need to do photo aura everyday.

Here’s the explanation the color that can be shown in this cute gadget. Aura Dama’s color will change as your aura changes.

You’re full of energy and guts. Be confident but don’t bossy around people.

You’re out going and active. Do anything you think of. Try to be tender to your family and friends.

You’re popular among people. Have fun with friends. Be careful not to lose confidence by your own frivolity.

You’re very helpful to others. But don’t be reserved too much.

You’re smart and sensitive. But don’t be too nervous.

You have a keen instinct and can be outstanding among people. But don’t try to show yourself more than you are.

You’re tender and take care of others. But don’t forget to take care of yourself.

You’re pure like an angel or a baby. You’re very susceptible to others. Don’t lose yourself

Curious how it works? Well, according to strapya, how it will work:

“There is a special censor inside of Aura dama. It catches the subtle energy human body emits and converts it into electrical energy. Human body emits invisible energy from several chakra points. The censor can catch the energy and convert it into energy frequency. The censor allots the matching color to the energy frequency it detected.”

But, there’sonly oneProblem here… Thisballis just too big to be attached in your mobile phone!!! Just see the pic below…

aura dama Detect your Aura with This Cute PhoneStrap

Interested? You can buy it here

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    this picture product is very nice .i like this very is very helpful for all product.thank u for sharing .

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