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Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar

PinExt Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar

Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar

Summer is the time for bug hunting. Firefly would be the great choice for bug that your kids can get. But, if your kid is sick, you don’t need to make them sad because they can catch the firefly. Technology comes as the solution with this Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar.

What is Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar?

Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar is unique product where you can get electronic fireflies already caught inside the jar. Just put it on the table or play the jar and you can enjoy the beautiful dance of firefly with this Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar.

Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar Unique Design

Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar has design like ordinary bug catching jar. It’s made of glass with metal lid on top of it. Unfortunately, you can open the lid, because it will ruin the electronic system inside this gadget. To turn it on or to make the fireflies dance, you can shake it. Don’t worry; it won’t kill the fireflies because there are no fireflies in it. It just few LED lights that light up in unique pattern. In other hand, Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar also can be turned on with its light sensor. When the environment get dark, the light sensor will activate the turn on button and voila, there’s dancing fireflies inside the jar. Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar doesn’t use battery as the power source. It uses rechargeable solar battery. Therefore, just put it outside and you can recharge the battery to full capacity.

The light that this gadget produces would be great light you can use as bedroom light. It’s so relaxing and makes your mind calm. If you want to have summer outdoor party, this Dreamlight Fireflies in A Jar also is great choice. It’s priced around $29.99, which is cheap enough. Buy more than one, put it on your garden and you will have beautiful summer night.

Buy it from ThinkGeek for $29.99


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  • samedayessaym

    Very good post! Thanks a lot.

  • jjakes

    That’s really interesting. My daughter loves fireflies but it’s such a pain to catch them, plus then I feel bad when they die after a few days :( This would be perfect for her.

  • Outdoor party

    Awesome idea. I can see putting this on my kids headboard to sooth them to sleep.

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