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Eco Friendly Recycled Coffee Cup

PinExt Eco Friendly Recycled Coffee Cup

eco coffee cup cutiegadget 300x300 Eco Friendly Recycled Coffee Cup

Some people feel guilty when they stop in a convenient store to have a hot coffee. They have to trash some Styrofoam cup in the trash bin. So sad that they have to use some material that is not eco-friendly.

Now you can slurp your morning coffee with no guilty feeling. Say good bye to your old Styrofoam cup. Here comes the cool eco coffee cup. This is an eco friendly coffee cup. The cup is re-useable and has additional features. It has silicon lid that keep hot or cold drinks keep its temperature longer. It does also help you to prevent spills while you shake the cup. This cup has two layers of porcelain that are separated by hollow cavity, and makes you grasp your cup with more confident with no pain from the ice cold or coffee heat.  The recycled coffee cup is dishwasher and microwave safe too. This amazing cup measures 3.5″ in diameter x 6″ tall and holds 10 oz with elegant look and fit with your hand.

The coffee cup is highly recommended to who care with this planet. It’s easy to go green. You can reduce the waste by using this eco friendly coffee cup.

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    I really love the eco-friendly concept that everyone starting to be aware of. It is very important that people start to realize that we need to protect our environment in every possible way.

  • Irvine Homes

    This is a good product. Can you walk in an use this in a chain? They might give you a hard time.

  • Burg

    good idea! hope it would selling well in the market. if no one haven’t start it, it’s going to be a long time.

  • Cheap GPS Navigation

    good idea. but, how much does this cost? it it’s too expensive, than it’s gonna be a long way to greener life..

  • Cari Webbe – Green Health Expert

    My parents bought 4 pieces of it. We don’t think about the price after all its for the environment. At least, in our own little way we can help to clean, protect, and preserve our environment. :-)

  • Saeco Coffee Machines

    I have one of those metal cups that keeps the coffee hot. People always look funny when I order a take away and pour it in my own cup :)

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  • Repairing Porcelain

    Hey, cool read. I just now came across your site and I am already a fan.

  • Maggie Frost

    The silicone lid for my cup was too loose and I was dribbling over myself all the time. Does anyone know the manufacturer? I’d like to ask them for a new lid. Thanks.

  • Coffee Machines For Sale

    Lets hope that this concept takes off enough to be effective anyway.

    The amount of fast food and drink waste packaging that lies in the gutters around my town is horrendous.

    Obviously there needs to be done to encourage people to reuse and get rid of that “throw it away” mentality.

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