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The technology is growing fast and now you can get various gadgets that can help you enjoying your life. The gadgets such as mobile phones, Smart Phone, iPod, iPad, and many others have become daily needs. You need to power your gadgets but don’t make further destruction to earth by consuming power generated fossil fuel. To power your gadgets you need Electree Solar tree. The solar tree will provide enough electric power to charge your gadget without making any pollution to the earth because the Electree captures the solar energy.

The Electree Solar tree is made like a bonsai and it is suitable to be placed in your desk or other places that have enough sun. The solar tree can be rotated to capture more sunlight and to decorate your desk at the same time. The Electree Solar tree has a electricity store pack in the form of a healthy 13.5Ah battery. To charge your iPhone or any other gadgets the solar tree has USB connector.

By placing the solar tree in proper place to get sunlight such as in the window or on the desk that face to the window, you can recharge your gadget everyday with no cost at all. The Electree Solar tree helps you save the earth from pollution too.

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  • Alexander Thornade

    Just like your blog professionalism! Keep up the good work.

    Super photo! Love it!

  • UnitedForSolar

    Great concept on a product.  Do you know if they’ve created any designs that are a little more adult/conservative?  I think one made out of actual wood would be interesting and represent the product better.  

  • Linda Blog

    What a cute tree, and a good concept. I hope that it does what it promises.

  • jacky

    Beautiful tree. Nice

  • jacky

    So creative solar charger!

  • Nancy

    What a cute three. Free and green energy

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