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Electronic Jellyfish Aquarium

PinExt Electronic Jellyfish Aquarium

jellyfish moodlamp Electronic Jellyfish Aquarium

Simply can spice up your desk by adding this Jellyfish Aquarium. It has 6 Mood Lamp LED to make the Aquarium or JellyFish Tank more dramatic. There are three Jellyfishes in the tank, and they can swim beautifully, dancing as they are the real jellyfish, with the artificial jellyfish tank or this jellyfish aquarium. Hmm, Simply a really cute jelly fish artificial is suitable as jellyfish toys for kids or even for adults like you to reduce some stress!

This is simply great unique ideas for gifts, because just for $39.99, you can make your friends, relatives, families, and co worker happy with your gift. It’s also unique, Fish Tank is usual… And Jellyfish Tank is UNusual! Because giving the real jellyfish is in fish tank is impossible, just give them the electronic Jellyfish.

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 Electronic Jellyfish Aquarium

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  • Jacinda

    That’s really cool. Looks a lot more interesting than a lava lamp.

  • David Wh1te

    hmmm… I like a blog post that makes me think.

  • Wiccan

    Those look very fun and relaxing. Like a little pocket aquarium but with some kick!

  • Cybrspin

    Really neat I wouldn’t mind having one. Although the price for it seems a bit steep.

  • John

    Is it just me or are these things really creepy? Perhaps it’s my tragic jellyfish experience…

  • Gibson

    This looks like you are just setting yourself up to get attacked by jellyfish. Watch your back! :)

  • C McKie

    I bet that would be really relaxing to watch. Hmmm..maybe I should set on up on my night table so I can fall asleep faster :)

  • Chelle

    Wow is that neat! My son would LOVE that!

  • Aubrey

    This is much better than the floating fish version thats been around for a while. I like that it has different Mood lighting too. Watching Jellies is so relaxing. . .

  • Gendo Ikari

    That thing is awesome. I’d love to put that between two of these huge lava lamps. I think that would look really cool.

  • Aquarium

    Natural is much better

  • ahmed chen

    welcome friends . I’m happy to know you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ahmed chen

    welcome friends …….. I’m very happy to know you !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • doower

    i like your gadgets, thanks for your information

  • Random person

    “giving the real jellyfish is in fish tank is impossible”

    You can too keep jellys. Get your facts straight -_-

    (from a passionate fish keeper(; )

  • Satellite uplink

    i am very happy to get information.

  • Will Penn54

    Great information! I think there is a much better choice which is having an aquarium table instead. This is having a fish tank and table in one! This versatile feature instantly gives your home the beauty it needs.

  • Replacement slings

    my daughter will love to get this. it will compliment her collection of aquariums

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