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folderix flash drive Folderix Flash Drive

If you use computer, you must familiar with File Folder Icon, don’t you? Yes, the icon that show the folder where you put your document. But, what if we take this out of computer? The result will be flash disk, a tiny and easy to carry gadget that you can use as the storage drive. Or, it would be like this Folderix Flash Drive.

Folderix Flash Drive Design

The first thing that catches my attention is the Folderix Flash Drive design. It looks like file folder icon that you must familiar with. However, the beautiful thing about this Folderix Flash Drive design is the gold color.  That makes it looks beautiful and elegant. It surface is made of metal material; I don’t know what it is, but, the gold color of this gadget make it looks like it’s made of gold. Of course, that’s also not true. But, you can show this gadget to your friend and tell that you have gold flash drive. Anyway, that’s not only the best thing about this Folderix Flash Drive. There’re also some other feature that make it become one of top flash drive you can have, such as it compatible with any computer as long the computer has USB plug.  Just plug this gadget and you can use it.

Some of Folderix Flash Drive Drawback

The down point here doesn’t make this gadget become worst gadget that you shouldn’t buy. But, you can use them to weight, if it’s worthy to buy. The first drawback is the capacity. It’s only available in 4 GB.  So, you can save lot of data in it. And, I can’t find the second, third and fourth drawback, yet. So, meanwhile, you can stick with that first drawback. Beside gold, this Folderix Flash Drive is also available in Purple and Blue. And it has cheap price. You can get this Folderix Flash Drive with just $14.99.

Buy it from ThinkGeek for $14.99


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