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Funny Laptop Holder

PinExt Funny Laptop Holder

latop holder Funny Laptop Holder

The first time is saw this Laptop holder, I feel it’s weird.. But if you look further and deeper, you will realize that this Gadget supporter is really useful! This funny mobile laptop holder is called Connect-A-Desk Laptop Holder (What a descriptive name!) and really useful for people who needs to run a laptop/notebook while he need to walking and standing. You may saw this scene in movie, but in real life this laptop holder will be useful for archeologists, insurance adjusters, real estate appraisers, architects, engineers, students, site surveys, inspectors, inventory, warehouse, or nurses.

This laptop connector sold at $3.99 . Really useful for people who need laptop to be mobile, portable, and not using laptop in sitting style. You can buy the gadget supporter here

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  • EnviroGadget

    Ooh, if you suffer from an RSI like I do, that will really hurt your arms after a while. Great for in the field use, but not a good idea for long term use.

  • local advertising

    This is just what I need when travelling on the train to and from work.

  • Business Networking

    I’ve seen them using this in Tokyo before, usually by the utility workers that check the meters.

  • ghing

    wow!.. now those people who owns a laptop can work even if they are standing.. hehe.. so cute..

  • Used Cheap Laptops

    What a great gadget, I have not run across this one before. And while it does look a little funny, it would certainly be useful. Thanks

  • Mobile Blogger

    At first glance at the thumbnail for this post, I thought it was a carrier for a baby…except there’s a laptop instead.

  • Michele

    This little gadget would be great for my son the programmer. He carries his laptop around with him and walks all over. Great Idea for a Christmas gift!

  • AutoInsuranceQuotes

    Oh dear. That laptop holder really raises the bar for geekdom :P

  • O Benim Ba?kan?m

    This is just what I need when travelling on the train to and from work.

  • Mike @ Cheap Laptops For Sale Online

    Wow, what a great idea! It is offered at very reasonable price as well. Heaps of people need to use their laptops ‘out on the job’ and this would come in very handy. It does look at bit weird, though!

  • Fabiolus

    It doesn’t look really cool, but I would probably use it. I have had meetings outside while I have been standing holding my lap top. It’s not fun.

  • Jean Pfeiffer

    Funny but useful isn’t it? I’d gotta have one! Thanks for the information!

  • David Kendall

    That’s what exactly what I need not just for traveling purposes but also when I’m home, while doing some chores I can use my laptop too!

  • TradeYourAsset

    Well, for a while I thought of a similar gadget of baby holder when your outdoor travelling. I think it would be of help to those working outdoor and need emergency browsing on their laptops, nice.

  • cheap laptop

    Thanks for good information that comes out to read.

  • Marus David01

    Indeed a very good read! Very informative post with pretty good insight on all aspects of the topic! Will keep visiting in future too!

  • louisville

    Very comfortable to use and practical especially when traveling.  I admire the concept for creating.

  • louisville

    this one is good for me during my outdoor activity…

  • caren romano

    I often notice that gadgets now are getting luxurious…i like this laptop holder it’s multifunctional…

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