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Futuristic Digital Black and White Wall Clock

PinExt Futuristic Digital Black and White Wall Clock

digital black and white clock.cutiegadget Futuristic Digital Black and White Wall Clock

Knowing the time is one most important thing that we must do to guide us to do our daily activities. Without that, we would have some difficulties to attend some important meetings, some dates, of we might even forget our own dinner just because we don’t know the exact the time is. The clock, watch and any other kinds of it would help us to know the exact time.

Sometimes, we were confused by our own desire. The main need is that we need a clock, could be wall click, stand clock or something like that. But sometimes, our desire said that we also need a decorative clock. This is the perfect time for the desire to “battle” against the “original” mind, which usually, the desire won. Well, to fulfill your need of a decorative clock that would look so beautiful if it’s being added inside your room, perhaps you need to consider of buying the Digital Black and White Clock.

Launched by the Kibardindesign, and designed by Vadim Kibardin, it has a total beauty that would definitely stun anyone who saw it. This is a new concept of the digital clock at the moment.  It consists of 0 to 9 transfluent white figures each of which can display a numeral from 0 to 9. Each of them can independently controlled, and powered by a self obtain power supply. Unfortunately, you still cannot buy this thing because it stills the prototype. We must wait a little longer for this.


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  • bbyucca

    A digital clock is the inspiration for www[dot]timeassociation[dot]net which allows you to to share associations with the numbers on the clock.

  • Bravia V

    Being that I have an insatiable clock fetish, I’ll be waiting anxiously for this clock to actually be produced! Thanks for the post!

  • Energy News

    This is an awesome clock. Definately worth looking into. Thanks

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  • JasminBanus

    Actually, now we are live in digital world, So it is a great submission. I found here fully a new and quality submission for clock. Thanks.

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  • Musical Wall Clock

    I’ve seen some odd wall clocks before, but this one has me scratching my head. How do you set it? The numbers don’t even seem to be connected to each other. Do they communicate with each other somehow?

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