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Get FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger

PinExt Get FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger

freeloader solar charger cutiegadget Get FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger

There are always some interesting and attractive things that people do really want to have. This often happens to all people especially to kids and teenagers. They often have so many requests in their life. FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger seems interesting as a gadget gift. This gadget is able to get the power without using electricity. The main source of its energy is directly from the sun.

It will be something touched if parents use the special moment to give special thing to the family member, to their children for sure. It is FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger for sure. This will be very useful for mobile phone. It is for 44 hours that this gadget can power mobile phone. One thing that makes this gadget unique is that the power is taken from the sun. The function is to power the portable devices. The body is stylish made from rust free aluminum. It is for up to three months that this gadget is able to store a battery charge.

FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger is able to power some particular mobile phone. They are Nokia phones old especially for 3.5mm jack and also for 2mm jack, the new one. It also can power LG especially for chocolate and shine type. It is just the same with Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericson, etc but for particular types.

Buy it Here and in Search Box type “FREELOADER PORTABLE SOLAR CHARGER”


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  • Atlanta Lawyer

    Wow, I’m sure many people can appreciate this product. It’s great to see more and more products that are energy efficient and eco-friendly. Hoping this product and inspire more industries to find innovative ways in creating products that use solar power.

  • Kris – the gift basket specialist

    Those are really cool, im sure they would make really great kids for teens that use those types of phones.

  • Permanent magnet generator

    This is a pretty decent idea, though I’m wondering why cell phone manufacturers can’t just get straight to the source and create a solar powered cell phone. That way chargers wouldn’t be necessary. Maybe the battery would help it. Just a thought.

  • Powered by Mother Nature

    Looks cool! I have a solio charger myself, but this one looks very compact & simple :)

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